Daisy Jones & The Six Book Differences: Everything The Show Changes

Warning! SPOILERS about Daisy Jones & The Six episodes 1 through 3 & the Daisy Jones & The Six novel ahead.Amazon Prime Video’s Daisy Jones & The Six fully captures the mood of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s book of the same name, but multiple big and small changes make the rock drama feel somewhat different from the novel. Set in California in the 1970s, the Amazon miniseries and Reid’s book follow the creation of artists Daisy Jones and the Six separately before they legendarily become one single rock band. However, while everything in the Daisy Jones & The Six book is learned through the interviews of the group and those closest to them, the rock drama seamlessly interchanges between current documentary interviews and their past events.

While most central events of Daisy Jones & The Six stay the same in the book and the miniseries, with many sentences reprised verbatim, various changes make the rock drama feel more compact overall. Still, some changes are puzzling, as they either make Amazon’s Daisy Jones & The Six feel too different from the book without a discernible reason, or they are too small to feel inconsequential. However, unlike many other adaptations, Daisy Jones & The Six keeps the same vibes of the original material even in the series, doing a masterful job of bringing Taylor Jenkins Reid’s characters to the screen.

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Billy & Graham Wanted To Be In A Band From The Beginning In The Book

Amazon’s Daisy Jones & The Six episode 1 presents Graham (Will Harrison) as the mastermind behind the Dunne Brothers, as he convinces Chuck, Eddie, and Warren to form a band by promising that Billy would have been part of it, despite Billy revealing he never agreed to that. However, the Daisy Jones & The Six book told a different story, one where the Dunne Brothers were already formed and Warren, Chuck, and Pete, who doesn’t exist in the miniseries, felt like hired musicians rather than part of a band. Warren even revealed that Billy (Peaky Blinders’ Sam Claflin) answered their proposals to replace Graham as he wasn’t exceptional initially, saying, “Say that again and Graham and I will replace you.

Daisy Jones & The Six Has A Shorter Timeline Than The Book

Daisy Jones & The Six episode 1 pinpoints the end of Daisy Jones & the Six in October 1977 with their last concert in Chicago, underlining how no one ever talked about why they broke up until the documentary, whose interviews begin being conducted 20 years later. However, the Daisy Jones & The Six book told a story with a slightly different timeline. Not only did the final Chicago concert happen in July 1979 in the book, but also the interviews started being conducted in 2006, 25 years after the concert, and ended eight years later, with the death of Billy’s wife, Camila.

The Dunne Brothers Never Confronted Their Dad In The Book

Amazon’s Daisy Jones & The Six episode 1 dramatically shows Billy and Graham meeting their father during a concert in a nearby town. It ends with Billy confronting him and Graham punching him. Instead, the Daisy Jones & The Six book never had the Dunne brothers facing their father. The encounter negatively impacted Billy, who believed their father didn’t recognize them, making him feel particularly unloved by him. Differently, Graham thought he recognized them but didn’t want to face them, leading him to believe it was probably better never having dealt with him, unlike Billy, that unfortunately spent the first seven years of his life with him.

Billy & Camila’s First Meeting Happens After A Concert In The Book

Billy and Camila’s (Camila Morrone) meet-cute at the laundromat in Daisy Jones & The Six is very different from their first meeting in the book. While the scene is charming nonetheless, with Billy flustered and more insecure than usual and Camila lightly making fun of him, they actually met after the Dunne Brothers’ wedding concert, where Billy and Graham saw their father. While Billy promised Camila to write a song about her just like he does in the Amazon Prime rock drama Daisy Jones & The Six, he saw her at work instead, dealing with a difficult customer and having a no-nonsense approach, which convinced Billy to approach Camila.

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Chuck Dies In Vietnam Instead Of Studying To Become A Dentist

Despite not having that much screen time in Daisy Jones & The Six episode 1, Chuck is one of the few original members of the band. However, while the rock drama shows him favoring a stabler career by choosing to study dentistry and leave the Dunne Brothers, the Daisy Jones & The Six book has a darker ending for Chuck’s story. Indeed, the reason for his exit was that he died in Vietnam, being drafted to go to war, while Billy, Graham, and Warren were lucky to avoid that. Chuck’s death deeply impacted the Dunne Brothers in the book, making his exit in the miniseries less heavy.

Daisy Jones & The Six’s Sixth Band Member Is Eddie’s Brother Pete

While Eddie (played by Josh Whitehouse, Sir Cole from the popular Netflix Christmas movie The Knight Before Christmas) is part of the Dunne Brothers from the beginning in Daisy Jones & The Six episode 1, that wasn’t the case in the book. Indeed, he joined the band after Chuck died, only because his older brother Pete was already the Dunne Brothers’ bassist. While Amazon’s Daisy Jones & The Six justify their new name, The Six, because of Camila, the band in the book was composed of six members plus Daisy Jones, making the name Daisy Jones & the Six make sense.

Camila Only Went To California When The Band Got Their Record Deal

Despite Daisy Jones & The Six creating tension between Billy and Camila when the band is supposed to move to California but eventually having Camila go with them straight away, Billy and Camila briefly separated in the book. However, their story was also made sweeter by how they reunited, given Camila’s main preoccupation when Billy asked, “if I had a record contract, would you marry me?” was about the record contract rather than his question. Amazon’s Daisy Jones & The Six instead makes Camila an integral part of the band from day one while also making her more dependent on Billy, given that her job before her move was never explored.

Daisy Jones & The Six Only Met Through The Label, Not By Chance

Daisy Jones & The Six episode 2 has Daisy and the band simultaneously at the same restaurant, although Daisy is working there, and the Six decide to change their name from the Dunne Brothers to the Six. While they eventually meet through music producer Teddy Price (Tom Wright), trying to plan their comeback and doing so uniting his two clients, the missed connection proves serendipitous. Moreover, it could have also made sense had Daisy Jones & The Six episode 2 made it happen, given Daisy was day and night on the Strip while The Six performed in one of its clubs every night.

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Rod Reyes Is Daisy Jones & The Six’s Manager From The Start In The Book

Despite giving the Six the idea to move to California, Rod Reyes (Amsterdam’s Timothy Olyphant) isn’t their manager in Daisy Jones & The Six, motivating his rejection to be their manager by explaining that he was a tour manager rather than a band manager. However, Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Daisy Jones & The Six introduced Reyes quite soon, given that not only was he the Dunne Brothers’ manager but also organized their tour until they arrived in Los Angeles. Reyes also got the Six their first record deal, introducing them to Teddy Price and being a significant player in the success of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Daisy Jones & Teddy Price Have A Better Working Relationship In The Show

Daisy Jones & The Six episodes 2 and 3 show a beautiful working relationship between Teddy Price and Daisy Jones (Riley Keough, who starred in the George Miller movie Mad Max: Fury Road) once she takes his songwriting advice. The Daisy Jones & The Six book doesn’t handle their first meeting similarly, having Daisy booked with the label and being forced to sing other people’s songs instead, something she always hated in both the miniseries and the book. However, Daisy Jones & The Six having Daisy and Teddy focus on Daisy’s songwriting skills before letting her record an album makes their relationship wholesome and respectful, as it wholly upholds Daisy’s wishes.

Billy Never Wanted To Leave Daisy Jones & The Six After Rehab

Daisy Jones & The Six episode 3 shows Billy unwilling to write songs for so long after returning from rehab that The Six actively look for a new lead singer. However, this never happens in the Daisy Jones & The Six book, as Billy’s return from rehab follows him joining Camila and their daughter and almost immediately thinking about the new album. While the book offered more introspection on Billy’s addiction, 2023’s acclaimed TV show Daisy Jones & The Six couldn’t, as it showed it while it was happening instead of filtering it through older Billy’s words like the book.

Billy wanting to leave The Six betters Daisy Jones & The Six episode 3 by showing audiences his hard work to be there for his family, so much so that he’s considering leaving the band he loves for them. While Camila eventually convinces him not to, Billy’s hesitation worsens his rivalry with Eddie, given his desire to take over Billy as frontman, an opportunity that’s taken once Billy returns. Considering how Eddie always struggled with Billy’s unilateral decisions about the band, like having him become a bassist or stopping the tour, having to endure also Billy’s backtracking will have Daisy Jones & The Six make for a more nuanced story.

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