DC Fans Have Perfect Choices For Margot Robbie’s Replacement If Harley Quinn Is Recast In Gunn’s DC Universe

DC fans come up with the perfect choices to replace Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in James Gunn’s DC Universe if the actress does not come back to the role. Gunn and Peter Safran have announced the first projects in their 10-year plan for the new DC Universe, which will replace the existing DCEU. Robbie has given life to the anti-hero Harley Quinn across multiple projects, but with her future uncertain, as well as claims she is part of Marvel Studios’ rumored Fantastic Four cast as Sue Storm, it is possible Robbie does not return as Harley Quinn.

With the uncertainty around Robbie’s potential recasting as Harley Quinn in Gunn’s DC Universe, fans have taken to Twitter to come up with possible replacements for the actress. The mission is not a simple one, as Robbie’s Harley Quinn is one of DC’s most popular characters in the last decade; however, some of the choices presented by the fans deserve strong consideration in case Robbie does not return. Check out several possible Harley Quinn actresses below:

Could Margot Robbie Be Replaced As Harley Quinn?

Given how popular Robbie’s performances as Harley Quinn are, there is a slim chance she is getting replaced in Gunn’s DC Universe. Still, while there is no official announcement that the actress is returning to the role, speculation on what the future holds for Harley is understandable. At least one rumored project involving the character in the DC Universe is now known to not be true. Recently, Gunn debunked the rumor a Harley Quinn series with Robbie was happening.

While a Harley Quinn series might not be in Robbie’s future as the character, the actress has a good chance of returning in the future. During the announcement of the first projects in Gunn and Safran’s DC Universe Chapter One, it was revealed that Viola Davis would be returning as the title character in Max’s Waller series. The show will also include characters from Gunn’s Peacemaker.

With Gunn bringing back actors from his previous DCEU projects, it appears likely that Robbie will make the jump from the DCEU to the new DC Universe as Harley Quinn. Robbie and Gunn worked together on The Suicide Squad, with the DC Studios co-CEO having spoken multiple times in the past about how the Harley Quinn star was great to work with. Gunn has also confirmed he will work with Robbie again in the future. If the rumors about Robbie being cast as Sue Storm in Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four turn out to be false, then the actress seems likely to return as Harley Quinn in a future DC Universe project.

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