Disney Dreamlight Valley: Crystal Mystery Quest Guide

The Crystal Mystery quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley serves as a tutorial for teaching new players how to find and purify Night Shards in the Valley.

After discovering the Forest of Valor and bringing back Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can accept the “Crystal Mystery” quest from Merlin the Wizard. This early-game quest serves as an introduction to Night Shards and their function within the Valley. New players might have already stumbled upon these mysterious Dream Shard variants while exploring the biomes of the world. During the early portions of one’s playthrough, these shards have no use outside of being unsellable and filling inventory or storage slots. Nevertheless, they will become essential later on, as Dreamers must gather them to complete a variety of Friendship Quests to progress the Villagers’ stories.


To get started on the “Crystal Mysteryquest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must listen to Merlin about a strange black crystal he found in the Forest of the Valor. While he will not specify the exact spot, he will mention that the crystal is located near the Dark Portal, where players previously found Donald Duck.

Accordingly, players must head to the biome’s Pillar and investigate the surrounding grass patches. The crystal should be lying on the ground to the right of the Pillar.

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Completing the Crystal Mystery in Dreamlight Valley

After finding and giving the Mysterious Shard to Merlin during “Crystal Mystery” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must take the quest’s next step of finding five Night Shards within the Valley. Based on gameplay by YouTube content creator Mirraj Gaming, the quest’s objective will be “Go back to Merlin with all the Night Shards” if they have already collected five black shards. The game will also track any shards within players’ storage. Therefore, all Dreamers need to do is visit their home’s storage boxes, retrieve five Night Shards, and return to Merlin to progress the quest.

On the other hand, those who have not collected any Night Shards before the “Crystal Mystery” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley will receive the quest objective to “Gather 5 Night Shards.” The primary way to get Night Shards is by using the Royal Shovel to dig up dirt mounds found across the Valley. Similar to Stone or Coal Ore, these shards are not biome-exclusive, meaning they can be found anywhere within any zone on the map. After collecting five, show them to Merlin, and he will tell players to craft a Purified Night Shard by combining the five shards with a Dream Shard. Participants must then give Purified Night Shard to anyone in the Village to complete the “Crystal Mysteryquest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Source: YouTube/Mirraj Gaming

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Platform: PC, Steam, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, iOS

Original Release Date: 2022-09-06

Developer: Gameloft

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Genre: Life Simulation, Adventure


Summary: In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will create their own Disney avatar as they interact with some of the most iconic characters in Disney and Pixar history. The story surrounds the dream castle and the realm it resides in, which is a place where several characters, hero and villain alike, have lived together in harmony. However, an evil force known as the Forgetting consumes the kingdom. It’s up to the player to solve puzzles, reunite characters, and embark on feature-rich character storylines to save the Dream realm. Players can build their own Disney neighborhood – plant gardens, go fishing, build residences – or go on adventures in dark caverns, sail the seas, or navigate spooky forests. The choice belongs to the player as they traverse the various Disney worlds in this cozy game that takes notes from mainstays like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Disney Dreamlight Valley was fully released on September 6 2022.

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