Dylan O’Brien’s Nude Scene In HBO Max Comedy Series Has Social Media Melting Down

Dylan O’Brien’s hilarious shower scene in HBO Max’s The Other Two has people melting down on social media. The show continues to track aspiring actor Cary (Drew Tarver), and his sister Brooke (Heléne Yorke), a former professional dancer, as they live in the shadow of their far more successful younger brother. The setup allows for plenty of cameos of familiar faces from across the entertainment industry, including a cheeky appearance from Maze Runner and Teen Wolf alum Dylan O’Brien.


O’Brien makes a brief appearance in The Other Two season 3, episode 3. The actor portrays himself, auditioning over a Zoom call with Cary. O’Brien leaves briefly to shower, incorrectly believing that his camera is turned off. This leads to a funny stretch of Cary and his friend Curtis (Brandon Scott Jones) reacting with surprise as O’Brien obliviously strips down and showers with his camera still turned on. On Twitter, users responded to the cameo with a mix of humor and hyperbole. O’Brien’s cameo, along with the reactions, can be seen below:

How Dylan O’Brien Has Been Revamping His Acting Persona

The Other Two season 3 marks the fourth time in only a few years that O’Brien has picked a role that tweaks the heroic, boy-next-door persona of Stiles in Teen Wolf and Thomas in The Maze Runner. His cameo is too brief to get a sense of what this fictionalized version is really like. But in just a few minutes, this version of O’Brien comes across as a handsome but dim-witted young man. He’s also a little egotistical, scoffing at the fact that he even has to audition.

This follows O’Brien’s self-deprecating cameo in Curb Your Enthusiasm. He likewise played Colin in the 2022 comedy Not Okay, a phony influencer with unwarranted self-regard, and earned a lot of attention for his role in Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” short film where O’Brien starred alongside Sadie Sink and portrayed a volatile boyfriend.

The Other Two is a far cry from the sort of roles that gained the actor acclaim more than a decade ago. But a look at O’Brien’s upcoming movies, and even some of his other recent projects, like Flashback and The Outfit, reveal that O’Brien is perfectly happy mocking his general image of being likable and relatable.

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