Emerson Fry Fall 2020 Collection

Now this is definitely one of the coolest collections that we’ve seen lately and that totally caught us hook! Coats and jackets, skirts and dresses, denim and trousers, tops and blouses, knits, shoes, jewelry, accessories… There is an array of uber-hip goodies that drew our attention and that we are really lusting after. If you’re not convinced, have a nosey at the latest Emerson Fry fall 2020 collection and see it for yourself! Welcome the cold-weather season and indulge in some seriously stylish pieces!

Effortlessly chic and practical, these pieces guarantee that unique flare we’re all looking for when putting together our ensembles. Designer Emerson Bethany Fry created a line featuring cozy and fashion-forward essentials for chilly days. So, think military-inspired pieces, animal prints, denim, pops of color, but also go-with-everything neutrals! Check out these eye-catchers and choose your favs!

Speaking about her influences, Bethany told T Magazine that, “Oh, sweet mother, that is a question with a very long answer. My muse is the modern woman of now. She’s very busy, inspired and interesting, and I see her all the time on the streets of cities around the world. I design for her; I adore her. Also, women from the past who had style, passion and a powerful perspective on life. Martha Graham, Diana Vreeland, Jackie, Brigitte and Audrey, especially in later years. Many of the women you know by a single name.”

The designer, who lives with her husband Ryan and Pedro, their Pomerania, revealed in an interview with fashionwelike.com that her style is both conservative and bold. “Both, absolutely, and usually at once. For instance, I may wear a conservative stovepipe jean but I’ve got one hell of a stiletto on the foot. And they’re ours so when I say that, I am either talking about the V-heel or the Toe Patch Slingback,” she said.

As on the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed, she said that, “Leaving out the posture. I would say good posture, but you know sometimes you see that dude in London with his little half-lean smoking a cig and you say, well that’s a posture. He’s fulfilling the coats full potential with that silhouette, and you know it completes the look. But then, I guess you could also call that attitude, although I don’t like that word so let’s go back to posture.”

Photos courtesy of Emerson Fry

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