Emily & Kobe’s 5 Cutest Instagram Photos With Kids

90 Day Fiancé stars Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise have a beautiful family, and the couple shows off their little ones in adorable posts on both of their Instagram accounts. Emily and Kobe made their debut on 90 Day Fiancé season 9 when Kobe moved to the United States from Cameroon to marry Emily and meet their son Koban. Emily and Kobe had met while they were working in China, and they got engaged shortly after Emily became pregnant. Due to COVID-19, the couple was forced to stay separated for two years.

90 Day Fiancé’s Emily and Kobe weren’t originally fan favorites, as Emily was considered one of the season’s villains. Emily was initially controlling over Kobe and was particularly specific about how he spent time with Koban. This frustrated Kobe, as it was evident that he just wanted to make up for lost time with his son. However, Emily has grown on fans since her time on the show after apologizing for her behavior and showing a different side of herself. Emily and Kobe have since welcomed their daughter Scarlett, and the couple has shown off their adorable family in adorable Instagram photos.

5 Emily Celebrated Her Birthday With Her Family

Emily celebrated her thirty-first birthday in September 2022 and shared an adorable photo with Kobe and her two kids to account for it. In the photo, Emily‘s seen beaming in a long white dress, holding little Scarlett, who is sporting a similar color dress with a matching head wrap. Kobe is seen standing next to Emily in a beige t-shirt and jeans with Koban smiling on his shoulders, dressed in an almost identical outfit to his Dad.

This picture stands out from the others on Emily’s page, as the family looks stunning in corresponding outfits. While the beige and white colors on Kobe and Emily do not match perfectly, they look cute side by side nonetheless. The photo also demonstrates how happy the family of four is, which is nice to see following several of the struggles they dealt with during 90 Day Fiancé season 9.

4 Emily & Kobe Had A Blast With Their Kids On Easter

Emily and Kobe shared another sweet family moment on Easter when they attended a church service in honor of the holiday. In the photo, Emily’s standing behind Koban while Kobe smiles while holding Scarlett. The family is once again dressed to impress, with Emily in a stunning teal dress while Kobe sports a salmon-collared shirt. Koban and Scarlett are also dressed in traditional Easter colors, wearing various shades of greens and pinks.

Emily and Kobe’s Easter photo is wholesome as it’s a candid moment, meaning that Koban and Scarlett appear distracted and are not looking directly at the camera. This is normal when it comes to any family with small children, and makes the memory that much sweeter. Several of Emily and Kobe’s fellow castmates also commented on the photo, including Kobe’s good friend Jibri Bell.

3 Emily & Kobe Shared Sweet Family Moments On Thanksgiving

Emily and Kobe tend to share family photos on big holidays and events, and Thanksgiving was no exception for the couple last year. Emily and Kobe shared another candid family moment for the holiday, where they sported traditional fall and Thanksgiving colors. Emily and Scarlett are seen twinning in a dark autumn green, while Kobe wears a dark orange that compliments Koban’s mustard yellow shirt.

This is one of the few photos on Emily’s page where all four family members are shown smiling from ear to ear, even if they are not all looking at the camera. Emily’s shown bending down and hugging Koban, who’s grinning at the camera. Kobe is also shown laughing while holding Scarlett, who also looks elated. Emily captioned the post, “Feeling so thankful, wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.”

2 Emily & Kobe Embraced Their Inner Child On Halloween

Emily and Kobe are both amazing parents and are always down to have some fun with their kids. Emily and Kobe decided to dress up along with their kids on Halloween and embrace their inner child on the fun-filled holiday. Koban and Scarlett sported matching Halloween costumes this past year, with both children wearing a lion outfit. Emily captioned the adorable post, “Happy Halloween, we love our little lions.”

Emily and Kobe decided to hilariously dress up as Emily’s parents. Emily sported a long gray wig, which resembled her mother’s hair that was complimented on throughout 90 Day Fiancé season 9. Kobe, on the other hand, is dressed as Emily’s father with a clip-on white beard. The family posed for an adorable group picture, which perfectly captures the Halloween spirit.

1 Emily & Kobe Had A Great Time With Family On Christmas

While all of Emily and Kobe’s family photos are adorable, their family Christmas photo is ultimately the cutest family photo they have shared in the last year. Emily, Kobe, Koban, and Scarlett are all seen in matching Christmas pajamas, and the family always pulls off matching outfits well. Koban and Scarlett have matching shirts and pants, while Emily and Kobe have black t-shirts with pajama pants of the same green and red plaid pattern.

The family is shown posing in front of their Christmas tree, and everyone appears to be in the Christmas spirit. The post received attention from several other 90 Day Fiancé cast members, including Yve Arellano, Armando Rubio, and David Tombrowsky. Emily and Kobe may have had a rocky start, but the couple has built a beautiful family together and appear to be truly thriving.

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