Escada White Label Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

The Escada White label spring/summer 2020 collection is filled with youthful fashionable alternatives for the new season. We’ve already caught a glimpse of Escada’s spring/summer 2020 collection for the new season and now we get to see a more relaxed version of the new season’s hottest offerings. 

The Escada White Label collection brings plenty of uber relaxed options with a romantic flair at times. Still, the combos are well thought out, the patterns are carefully selected and the allure is modern.

Looking for a relaxed allure? Get creative with proportions. Oversized tees, lightweight dresses, gorgeous jumpsuits are just a few of the suggestions found in the Escada White label summer 2020. As the transition between season begins, finding ways to stay classy at all times is imperative.

Classy and fun vibes can easily go together and the new season alternatives from Escada easily prove it. If you’re not fully convinced by the whole bright tones mania which seems to take over as temperatures start rising, the new Escada lookbook can prove a refreshing alternative.

Though the color palette is fairly restricted and revolves mostly around neutral tones, the accent tones which bring interest to the new looks are definitely a great choice for the new season. Whether you’re going for a polished allure or tackling the effortlessly cool side of style, the new alternatives are definitely worth considering. Even if as summer approaches, the tendency is to go as light as possible, it is still a good idea to take full advantage of some cool accessories.

If you’re reluctant to invest in trendy items but still crave a trendy allure, investing in trendy accessories is the way to go. For comfort and trendiness, a pair of metallic sandals or gorgeous ballet flats are definitely a great alternative as are colorful handbags. If you’re in the mood for something a little catchier, a bold necklace like the one from the spring/summer 2020 Escada White label lookbook is definitely a great choice worth considering.

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Photos: Escada

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