Euphoria Season 3’s Time Jump Would Explain A Major Character’s Absence

The possible Euphoria season 3 time jump would make one character’s absence easier to explain. A Euphoria time jump has been rumored for a while, and it’s mainly expected because the actors are playing high school students despite most being in their mid to late 20s and even early 30s. While Euphoria built its foundation on its high school setting, it’s getting harder for these actors to pass as teenagers, so a time jump would be a good way to get the characters closer to the age of the actors, similar to the time jump coming in Stanger Things season 5.


Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects of the potential time jump. Because Euphoria is so known for its high school setting, having the characters in college could ruin what made the series so appealing. The time jump also creates some plot holes and unsolved storylines. Euphoria fans went wild over the Maddy, Cassie, and Nate love triangle, and a time jump would skip over how the characters cope with the drama now that Maddy knows the truth. Luckily, the time jump would justify a major character absence that Sam Levinson could use some help explaining.

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Euphoria’s Time Jump Justifies Kat’s Exit

Unfortunately, Barbie Ferreira will not be returning as Kat Hernandez in Euphoria season 3. There have been plenty of rumors but no confirmation on why Barbie Ferreira left Euphoria, though the general consensus is the show was moving in a different direction, and Ferreira didn’t agree with Levinson’s vision for Kat, so she chose to walk away. If season 3 picks up where season 2 ended, or a few months later, Kat’s absence would be odd. However, a time jump could explain where she went.

The characters will now be in college, and the series doesn’t have to follow every character. Many shows that have transitioned from high school to college settings have narrowed down which characters it focuses on. Euphoria could give a brief backstory on where Kat went after high school and then continue with the other characters.

Kat’s Exit Is Still Difficult For Euphoria To Explain

Even with a time jump, it’s still going to be difficult for Euphoria to go on without Kat. There was so much more to her story to be explored, and it’s a shame Euphoria will never dive deeper into Kat’s story. Her first-season storyline offered a lot about her upbringing and who she is. Unfortunately, Kat was barely in Euphoria season 2, giving her no space to evolve and offering fans no way of getting to know her better. Her Euphoria season 3 exit only makes things worse, leaving viewers to speculate what her story could have been had Ferrera and Levison agreed on a vision for Kat.

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