Every Walking Dead Character Who Crossed Over to Fear TWD

The Walking Dead and its spinoff Fear the Walking Dead mostly have their own cast of characters, but there are a few TWD characters in Fear the Walking Dead. When The Walking Dead‘s short first season aired on AMC in 2010, it earned raves, and high viewership, numbers which only increased as the seasons went on. By the end of season 5, The Walking Dead was hitting its highest levels yet, leading AMC to take the risk of launching a spinoff prequel series called Fear the Walking Dead between seasons 5 and 6.


While not as big a hit as its progenitor, Fear the Walking Dead has turned out to be a very worthwhile investment for AMC, successfully expanding the overall Walking Dead franchise. Neither show gets the viewers it once did, but their collective numbers are still some of the highest on cable. AMC later debuted a third Walking Dead series, titled The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and now there are more Walking Dead spinoffs coming with the main show ended. Fear the Walking Dead remained separate from the original series until season 4, but now several Walking Dead characters have appeared in a Fear the Walking Dead crossover.

Every Walking Dead Character Who Crossed Over To Fear

The first TWD characters in Fear the Walking Dead arrived in the season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead when Morgan Jones (Lennie James) joined the regular cast. Morgan has gone on to be a vital part of the spinoff’s ensemble and remained a full-time cast member ever since. Before he could fully transition though, season 4’s premiere began with Morgan at the junkyard formerly occupied by Jadis, where he had moved to after the war with Negan’s Saviors. While there, Morgan was visited by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Carol Pelletier (Melissa McBride), and Jesus (Tom Payne). That is four TWD characters in Fear the Walking Dead in just that one episode, changing everything about the show.

All three characters made overtures to Morgan about returning to their particular section of the now united communities, Rick for Alexandria, Jesus for Hilltop, and Carol for The Kingdom. Morgan refused all three and headed to Texas. The fifth Walking Dead character to appear on Fear was Dwight (Austin Amelio), who was allowed to live after Negan’s defeat but banished by Daryl. Dwight went off to find his long-lost wife Sherry (Christine Evangelista), leading him to join Fear the Walking Dead‘s regular cast in season 5. In season 6, Sherry herself arrived and she and Dwight had their long-anticipated reunion.

Much like Morgan, both Dwight and Sherry have remained a consistent presence on the show, and even learned in season 7 that they were expecting a baby. This could be a huge moment, as this could lead to another new baby in the world of The Walking Dead, joining Morgan’s daughter, Mo. The trailer for the eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead shows Morgan heading back to Georgia, and one has to wonder if there will be one final crossover when he arrives there. With several Walking Dead spinoffs coming, the original TWD cast isn’t going anywhere and one last Fear the Walking Dead crossover could be a nice sendoff for that show.

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