Everything In My Time at Sandrock’s Knives Out Update

My Time At Sandrock is still in early access, but its latest update, called Knives Out, has added a lot of new main story to the game as well as content updates, new items and cosmetics, mini-games, and even the ability to get married by holding the post-apocalyptic wedding of the century. The team at Pathea Games has been sharing little details here and there regarding this update for the past few months, and now the update has finally gone live in the game. The next big update drop is also expected to be coming in early June to further build up Sandrock with even more in-game content for players to enjoy.


The sequel to the popular game, My Time At Portia, My Time At Sandrock has become more popular even though it is still in its early access period with ongoing development. The surprisingly cheerful post-apocalyptic sandbox RPG lets players take on the role of building and crafting in their own plot of land while helping to rebuild the desert town of Sandrock and uncover mysteries therein. The storyline for the game is detailed and there are hundreds of side-quests involving the more than thirty NPCs in the town. This new Knives Out update has added a whole new chapter to the mysterious narrative surrounding them all that players will have to uncover for themselves.

New Additions In My Time At Sandrock’s Knives Out Update

300 years after the Day of Calamity destroyed most of the technology in the world, the city-state of Sandrock is slowly building itself back up. In this new Knives Out update for My Time At Sandrock, the main story gets intense as it appears that a trusted NPC may be eviler than originally thought. Besides the mysterious narrative content, the Knives Out update also adds a lot of changes to game mechanics, cosmetics, and more. Here is a quick look at everything included:

Continuation of the main story New side stories New romantic quests with Arvio, Qi, Fang, Justice, Pen, Unsuur, and Catori Robot helper named Magic Mirror is added Pablo’s Parlor no longer handles makeovers, Magic Mirror will now handle these The Marriage System is introduced to the game Wedding-related content including the Double Bed is added New Auto Assemble Station to help players with building machines Workshop helper function added, and marriage partners can help as well New holiday – Showdown in the High Noon New dungeon locations New mini-games – Stargazing and Cable Cart Rain added as a weather effect Mole cave ore ordering system added Added the mount color change for Yakmels and Camels Advanced Water Tanks and Advanced Fire Powered Generators can provide more energy outputs Advanced fishpond New curly-style haircut for character customization Improvements and upgrades to NPC behaviors and new research machines Many known issues have been addressed and fixed

My Time At Sandrock Adds New Story For Knives Out Update

Unfortunately, though it is named Knives Out, the My Time At Sandrock update does not have any correlation to the 2019 film Knives Out. It does offer mystery and suspense, however, as players embark on the newest chapter in the main story of the RPG. Amidst dangerous conspiracies and threats, someone is stealing water from the town of Sandrock and possibly trying to extract something even worse. Even Mayor Trudy may find herself in danger as the mystery gets brought to light.

In this latest chapter of My Time At Sandrock‘s story, players will finally be able to uncover the truth of what is going on. Not much else is said regarding the storyline, so players can experience the mystery for themselves. It will be a dangerous journey, however, and this intriguing mystery feels peculiar to have been released in the same update as the ability to marry NPCs and hold weddings.

Knives Out Brings Weddings To Sandrock

Players have been requesting that Pathea Games add the ability to marry NPCs ever since My Time At Sandrock first entered early access. Now, with the Knives Out update characters can get a ring and propose to one of the eight romanceable NPCs in the game. In future updates there will be more functions added and also more of the NPCs will be romance options. The preview notes from developers state that players can build a family, which suggests that while children are not a part of the current update, they may be coming in the future.

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New Mini-Games Are Added To My Time At Sandrock

Before proposing marriage, players can also have even more opportunities to date the NPC of their dreams with new activities added in the Knives Out update. The Stargazing and Cable Cart mini-games will act as Play and Date activities for couples to strengthen their relationships. The Play and Date interactions can be used with any character that the player has already reached Buddy status with and will help to strengthen the bond with that character. These interactions can only happen once per in-game calendar week per character, but if players feel they have the time they can play/date several NPCs in a row. Prior to the addition of Stargazing and Cable Cart, there were only five Play and Date mini-game options.

My Time At Sandrock is still in early access and will continue to tweak and change things in the game mechanics and add additional content, particularly with the story, over the coming months. The developer has been posting occasional roadmaps showing the planned progressions for the game on its Steam page. While there is no announced date for when the game with have its full launch, there is going to be at least one more major update taking place at either the end of May or early June 2023. My Time At Sandrock is currently only available on Steam, where the Knives Out update can be downloaded from.

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