Fall/Winter 2020 Pale Blue Fashion Trend

Fall/Winter 2020 Pale Blue Fashion Trend

The fashion color trends for 2020 A/W cover a wide color palette from the classy and high class neutrals to the muted pastel tones as well as brights. Those who flirt with the idea to opt for the in-between solution and sport a pastel still not that plain shade should definitely embrace the Fall/Winter pale blue fashion trend. This is indeed one of the universal tones that can cheer up both your casual chic as well as office style wardrobe. The stylish dresses as well as skirts and tops enhanced by the beauty and sight-pleasing effect of blue are undoubtedly created in the tradition of the spring/summer pastel shade trend which was oh-so-popular among fashionista regardless of age. The icy shades as well as more eye-stroking ones all can be included in the must have list for the upcoming season.

ChanelChanelCarolina HerreraCarolina Herrera

If you’re looking for the best shade that would complement your silhouette when it comes of red carpet and more ceremonial events, take a glimpse at the fabulous and fairy tale designs envisioned by Chanel and Carolina Herrera. Both designers with a ghostly resemblance used pale blue in order to add an Ice Queen allure to the stylish dresses, gowns and even chic tops. Further embellishments as the ruffled sections would boost the volume as well as eye-popping charm of the overwhelming style operas. Pale blue is perfect to blend into the crowd still impress the public with a matte and at the same time ultra-classy look. Devote special attention to accessories and their color in order to crown your fab look.

Christian Dior3.1.Phillip LimLouis VuittonTommy Hilfiger

Apparently other designers were also impressed by the melancholic and at the same time versatile effect of pale blue. Some of the devotee fashion gurus as presented above (Christian Dior, 3.1. Phillip Lim, Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger) also decided to furnish the public with unique outfit ideas to embrace this popular color trend. Whether you prepare for a stylish cocktail party, a romantic date or a schoolday the point is to organize your wardrobe with the best pale blue style pieces be it skirts, dresses or short and match these with the proper accessories to complement your silhouette as well as bring back your joy of life on the spot. Spy on the most exquisite design, girly textures as well as dainty shades for the desired effect.

GucciNina RicciL’Wren ScottL’Wren Scott

Additional pale blue style fantasies feature in the most prominent fashion shows of the A/W season as that of Gucci, Nina Ricci and L’Wren Scott. All the style demigods managed to compose some of the most fabulous fashion operas for the next season that offers us the privilege to look stylish and feel confident all throughout the less sunny season. Add a patch of color to your boring work or school days and pamper you most sensuous side with these heart-warming bluish shades. Complete your look with other vibrating or classic accessories as your style intuition whispers you.

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