Fashion Bomb Designer 101: ‘FriskMeGood’ Designer Cierra Boyd is Taking On Sustainable Fashion With Her Upcycled Designs

Fashion Designer Cierra Boyd has created her own lane in the fashion industry with her brand, ‘FriskMeGood.’

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Boyd always had a passion for fashion. With the support of her family, Boyd’s career took off in 2016 when her father gifted her a sewing machine. Since her first sale on the online site Depop, the self taught designer has been creating a new wave within the fashion industry by using upcycled fabric and vintage pieces to design unique pieces.

“I use to sew as a child, but growing up there wasn’t youtube to guide me so I gave up on it,” expressed Boyd. “Years later I picked it back up and that’s when I knew that fashion was my passion,” said Boyd in an interview with Fashion Bomb Daily. 

Boyd’s first design helped her establish the motto ‘never give away your work for free.’ She explained, “I have never given away anything for free because as a designer, I know my worth.” With her first design, she used an old sewing pattern and although she didn’t know what she was doing, she saw the vision and has been attached to her sewing machine ever since.

“I sold my first design and was shocked it sold because it wasn’t the best,” said Boyd. “I realize that the people who see the same vision that you see with your designs, are your people and audience.”

Designing unique pieces for artist such as Keyshia Cole, Doja cat, and Ciara, Boyd realizes that her designs are important and can have an positive impact on the industry, “I started a sustainable brand unknowingly by using materials that I had around my house due to me not being able to afford fabric,” explained Boyd.

Despite starting with sustainable reworked designs, Boyd soon realized that her overall brand should be based on sustainability as she fell in love with reworking clothing. “As I started to grow, I was eventually able to afford the fabrics that I wanted, but in 2020 I made the decision to no longer buy fabric anymore,” Boyd further elaborated. 

Known for her infamous sneaker corset design that has been spotted on celebrities like Cardi B and Dreezy, Boyd started designing her famous corsets in 2019. The idea actually originated from a design competition in Cleveland called, “Fashion Mania.”

As a contestant, was assigned a task to create something without using thread, and that’s when the famous sneaker corset was born. Boyd’s sneaker corsets have became an instant success and she’s been able to partner up with her favorite brand, Nike.

Although the Cleveland native has seen a lot of success over the years with her appearance on ‘The Hype’ on HBO Max, Boyd’s dream is to work with celebrity artist, Rihanna.

In fact, her design name ‘Frisk Me Good’ was inspired by one of Rihanna’s songs. In the future, she see’s Frisk Me Good becoming a million dollar company and a leading sustainable streetwear brand.

“My brand will not only be seen on Rihanna, but my brand will be worth millions,” stated Boyd. She also expressed how she wants to take her craft and expand it in the costume design field. “I would love to take on other projects outside of Frisk Me Good and I wouldn’t mind signing a contract as a costume designer on a television series,” she added.

As a self-taught black woman designer, Boyd has been through a lot within the fashion industry that has taught her many lesson, however among them all, one lesson that will stick with her forever is that “you never have to give your designs away for free and should always invest in getting your design in a showroom.”

At first sight would you splurge on a FriskMeGood custom piece?