Fashion Bomb Hair: Mielle Organics ‘Rice Water’ Collection is a Hair Essential this Summer

Now that we’re officially in summer, and many of you have chosen to opt for protective hair styles such as braids, twists and extensions, it’s essential to remember to protect and nourish your scalp and Mielle Organics has the perfect remedy.

From their Rice Water Moisturizing Milk, and Rice Water Hair Split, to their Rice Water & Aloe Braid Gel , Mielle Organic’s latest collection provides moisture that stays in place, prevents spit ends and conditions the root of your hair to help facilitate hair growth.

Made with soothing & calming ingredients including a perfect blend of yuzu and rice water, conditioning your hair never felt better. Not to mention the Summer bundle deal that Mielle Organics is currently offering for $24 that is featured below and includes:

Rice Water and & Aloe Deep Conditioner

Rice Water & Aloe Braid Gel

Rice Water & Aloe Braid Gel

Rice Water & Aloe Itch Relief

Special Gift: Braiding Comb

So what are you waiting for? Shop the Rice Water collection now by visiting Mielle Organics, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram to show off your fashion bomb updo!

Photo Credit: @MielleOrganics