Fashion Bomb Men: Usher Wore a Full Hermes Look to the Brand’s Women’s Spring-Summer 2024 Runway Show

The King of R&B, Usher stepped out to attend the first US runway show for Hermès second half debut of their Fall 2024 collection.

Known as, “The Second Chapter,” artistic director Nadège Vanhée’s showcased urban wear to reflect the wondrous streets of New York.

From the flyest trench coats and detailed knit sweaters, to the color red leaving a tantalizing spell in the form of dresses, tops and high waisted trousers- the collection was beautiful yet edgy.

Usher who has been representing for Fashion Bomb Men everywhere with his luxe designer looks, opted for a full Hermès ensemble, styled by Jeremy Haynes.

His muted teal biker jacket was layered over a matching tank, and paired with black trousers, along with a men’s Hermès backpack. Usher kept his accessories to a minimum, with black yellow-tined shades, a tribal necklace, and pointy-toe leather boots.

Following the runway show, Usher hopped on his private place and took off to his next destination.

We thought Usher spruced up nicely and looked so handsome. After all these years, we’re sure he has the ladies still singing “You make me wanna leave the one I’m with, start a new relationship with you, this is what you do.”

What say you? Hot! or Hmm…?

Photo Credit: @tomasherold

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