Fashion Bomb News: Edward Enninful Will Be Leaving British Vogue in March 2024 to Oversee Two New Roles at Condé Nast

“I didn’t grow up with money; I didn’t come from a rich family. But what fashion gave me was an escape into a world of creativity: if I couldn’t afford that Junior Gaultier jacket, then I’d get one from the market and customize it,”- Edward Enninful

Known for his edgy elegance, unconventional approach, and astounding creativity, Edward Enninful, 51, announced that he will be stepping away from his role as the Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue in March 2024.

His proclamation which came as a surprised to many, elicited endearing comments from fans and media outlets alike praising the Ghanaian-born and London-raised creative for all his remarkable contributions to Condé Nast over the past 25-years.

In a statement released via his Instagram page with a slideshow of all the British Vogue covers that he is most proud of, Enninful expressed,

“With just seven issues left at @BritishVogue, I would love to know which issue was your favourite. March 2024 is my last #BritishVogue as editor-in-chief so set your clocks. With my final issues I’m in planning mode for sure with lots on my mind. The power of brilliant global change makers! The unbeatable creativity of the UK! And above all FASHION! More than anything, I am just so excited for what is still to come in the next seven months.”

His humble beginnings, but eye for creativity allowed him to get noticed in London during the 90’s as a model, and he would later go on to become the first youngest Fashion Director at i-D magazine at the shy age of 18.

Over the course of his fashion career, Edward Enninful has broke multiple glass ceilings such as being the first male and person of color appointed to oversee the role as Editor of Chief at British Vogue in 2017. Following Enninful’s acquisition of the EIC role, we saw more inclusion and diversity with celebrities like Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna gracing the covers of UK vogue.

In his next chapter at Condé Nast, Edward will become Vogue’s Global Creative and Cultural Adviser, and Editorial Adviser at British Vogue.

We wish him the best of luck, and we know that he will succeed and thrive, as his innovation and ability to take risks will continue to serve as a catalyst for the change we need to see in the fashion industry .