Fashion Icon June Ambrose Celebrated Her Fabulous Birthday Affair in Gucci and Jean Paul Gaultier Looks with Celebs & More

She’s the queen of her domain, a sight to behold, and the woman behind the most cutting-edge looks that people often try to emulate… she’s June Ambrose!

The Celebrity Stylist and Creative Director who’s responsible for some of the most iconic hip-hop looks for Celebs such as Missy Elliot, P. Diddy, and Jay-z, kick-start the month of June in style in celebration of her birthday.

June Ambrose

But are we all surprised? We all know the month of June belongs to June Ambrose, hence her annual #JuneinJune hashtag theme that consists of the Antiguan-born stylist celebrating 30 days of her intentionally living her best life.

June Ambrose

From self-care spa days, and the most delicious vegan cuisine, to embarking on the most stylish escapades with her bestie Roger Mckenzie– one thing for sure is that this month unapologetically belongs to June Ambrose. 

June Ambrose

In honor of her birthday, Business Strategist and beauty extraordinaire John Demsey hosted the Puma Creative Director at his infamous Upper East Side home with a BBQ bashment for friends & family. Perhaps there couldn’t been a more brilliantly creative space to match June’s extravagant aesthetic.

June Ambrose, John Demsey

June Ambrose

June Ambrose

Demsey’s home was beautifully decorated with some of the most unique and poignant art that hung off colorful walls and told a story in each room.  If there’s ever been a better photoshoot opportunity, it’s certainly at Demsey’s impressive home.

Of course, June looked captivating and came with the theatrics when it came to her Gucci and Jean Paul Gaultier ensembles.  For her first opening look, she wore a two-tone sequin Gucci Dress that she accessorized with a black statement Khia Tullae hat, and black Marc Jacobs platforms.

June Ambrose

Towards the end of the evening, she switched into a multicolor dotted Jean Paul Gaultier two-piece body-con that left us waiting for ‘two snaps and a twirl.’

She transitioned from her black statement hat to a yellow one that played perfectly off her dotted look as she posed for a photo with her husband Marc, son Chance and daughter, Summer.

June Ambrose’s family including Son Chance Chamblin, Daughter Summer Chamblin, and Husband Marc Chamblin

In attendance at June’s party included our very own CEO Claire Sulmers, the one & only Dapper Dan, Bevy Smith, Andy and Kim Hilfiger, condola Rashad, Vanessa Williams, Samira Nasr and more.

Dapper Dan, June Ambrose

Vanessa Williams, June Ambrose, Tanya Lewis Lee

It was great to see attendees honor that woman who has substantially redefined Hip-Hop fashion. We also loved seeing everyone arrive dressed to impress . Ahead see what June’s most beloved friends and family wore to her fabulous birthday shindig.

Rene Sanganoo, Keys Snagg, Chuck Amos, June Ambrose, Kutah Kurz

Bevvy Smith, June Ambrose

Emily Maldonado, June Ambrose, Samara Ibrahim

Kofi Yankey

Roger McKenzie, Dar Balthazar

Chance Chamblin, Summer Chamblin

Kendall Werts, Tukie Babumba, Jesse Thompson