Fashion Industry Trends | What is the Modern Customer Looking For?

The fashion industry is constantly changing. With modern innovations in manufacturing, customer service, and ecommerce, we have seen a bigger emphasis on modern fashion through influencers and social media accounts. This has brought a lot of high quality products and clothing lines to a wider audience of consumers. Let’s hear from some top leaders in the fashion industry on what modern customers are looking for from their clothing brands. 

Quality and Sustainability 

Modern customers are looking for quality, well-made clothes that they love. They are also shopping with sustainability in mind. Today’s customer is super conscious of fashion’s impact on the environment. They no longer want to contribute to unnecessary waste. They also only want to buy fashion that fits their lifestyle and more people are making small choices everyday to live more sustainably. I believe that’s why shoppers are turning to vintage and secondhand marketplaces like Thrilling to fill their closets. They understand that what they want for their closet may not be found in traditional retail stores. They are less concerned with having the next new thing and more interested in buying pieces for their wardrobe that they will continue to wear for years to come. That, in turn, is better for the environment (and their wallets) for the long-term.

Shilla Kim-Parker, CEO Thrilling

Easy and Secure Access 

In 2021, customers of fashion boutiques are looking for easy and secure digital access to your company’s products. Home shopping was already popular, but the pandemic saw a massive surge towards digital marketplaces. 

David Wolf, Founder and CEO Oliver’s Apparel

Practical and Durable Clothes

Practicality, durability and streetwear are hugely popular right now. Customers are looking for items that can serve more than one purpose, look good while doing it and arch support probably doesn’t hurt either. 

James Ville, Chief Product Officer GunSkins

Personalized Experience 

Many customers are looking for more personalized experiences with their brands. With the rise of ecommerce, more brands are taking advantage of this and offering customized email lists for customers with particular buying habits or trends. 

Daniel Patrick, Founder Daniel Patrick

Sustainable Materials 

Sustainability is not only a popular selling point for any clothing brand, but an essential part of getting involved in the fashion industry. Textile productions use an enormous amount of water and resources, both to produce AND to maintain. Modern customers are looking for companies that care about their impact and buy sustainable, ethical and high quality materials for their productions.

Yuvi Alpert, Founder and CEO Noémie

Late 90’s Early 00’s Aesthetics

The aesthetic trends on the rise right now are late 90’s-early 00’s fashion. Customers are looking for a vintage look with modern durability and practicality and the colorful flare associated with turn of the century fashion and style.

Ryan Craver, Founder and CEO Mallary by Matthew

Honest and Transparent

Many customers are looking for brands that are honest and transparent in the way they produce and manufacture their products. Customers are becoming less likely to buy from companies that use oversea warehouses and more likely to shop from local makers and manufacturers that pay their employees fairly and stimulate the economy. 

Jonathan Shorkian, CEO MeUndies

High Quality Fabric 

Customers are interested in wearing higher quality fabrics for all their garments. Long over are the days where cheap rayon garments were the norm. Consumers are looking for high quality cotton and denim to ensure their garments are going to last. 

Erik Allen Ford, CEO Buck Mason

Breaking Down Gender Barriers 

Fashion and clothes are breaking gender barriers in big ways right now. Many companies are opting to offer unisex clothing and break down the norms of what people should wear to appear a certain way. Personal fashion is having a moment right now, a moment that goes beyond societal norms. 

Dylan Trussell, Co-Founder Culprit Underwear


Re-selling is a big trend right now. In part because of the ecommerce trend, people are selling clothes that either didn’t fit or weren’t the right style. This is an interesting trend to follow and shows a vast network of young people sharing ideas about aesthetics. 

Haim Medine, Creative Director Mark Henry

Payment Plans

High quality clothes are more accessible to a wide audience due to the increase in payment plan options. Being able to pay something down without getting a credit card is huge for this generation and makes fashion a more inclusive conversation. 

Dan Potter, Managing Director and CEO CRAFTD

Comfort Clothes Become More Popular

Along with streetwear, customers are investing more in comfort clothes like sweats, shorts and slippers. Home comfort is becoming a huge and lasting priority for all of us, so it’s no surprise sales on these items have surged over the last year and a half. 

Mike Pasley, Founder Allegiant Goods

Streetwear is High Fashion

Streetwear has become a luxury commodity. We’ve already seen this happening over the last decade, but now big name designers like Louis Vuitton are offering lines of sneakers and streetwear options. 
Craig Carter, President & CEO Jack Mason

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