Fashion Trends Guys Just Don’t Get

Fashion Trends Guys Just Don’t Get

Fashion definitely has a different meaning for women and men. Therefore tendencies launched in one or the other domain might seem at least said irrational and often ugly for the other. Indeed men also claim their right to evaluate and rank various style trends from that of the basic clothing pieces to accessories. Therefore the following fashion trends guys just don’t get would arm you up with essential ideas on how to make the best impression on them rather than scare them away with your versatile and non-traditional appearance. Skip this article if you are not really interested in public opinion, or keep an eye on the ideas below if you wish to tame your curiosity. Don’t be surprised there are indeed flattering trends that men just don’t understand instead stay objective and see what’s in their mind when you put on a similar outfit.

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Harem Pants

You definitely ‘can’t touch this’ if you would like to make a smashing impression on guys. It might have worked in the Mc.Hammer era still long gone are the days when men tolerate a similar deceptive clothing piece. Indeed one of the controversy that surrounds this trend is the fact that harem pants completely distort the body and mask the feminine curves making this bulky texture extremely unaesthetic and unflatteirng.

Don’t hide your worth-admiring silhouette behind a similar style item and make sure if you stick to wearing them, you choose a size that fits your body shape and parameters. Large clothes are some of the no-no clothing items in the eyes of gents. Keep them for the comfy outings and lazy days at home rather than sporting them for a special date.In spite of the fact that these celeb looks offer the best example on how to rock the trend it is still one of the leading faux pas in the eyes of the opposite sex.

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Neon Color Trend

It might seem that the best means to not go overlooks is to wear radiant and vibrating shades. The neon color trend however it yet another tendency that might pierce the eyes of guys still is not tolerated at all. Some claim that it would do perfect if you are a little girl and would like to sport the most eye-popping shades. However a lady-like outfit has nothing to do with similar hues. Therefore it is wise to skip it when you are eager to play up your romantic and more alluring side. Feminine shades as pastels and even metallic and glittery tone would be a better alternative when building up your next date outfit. Neon, blinding pink as well as the other pop shades from the runway might work in the case of models and on the TV screen still would look too-much in casual chic.

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Baby Doll Dresses

These cute dress designs are extremely popular among those who would like to mask their large belly and would like to attract the attention to their decolletage as their best asset. However boys like to see things clear rather then masked and hidden behind bulky textures and oversized clothes. Therefore make sure you flash your dainty curves rather than leaving the layers of fabrics cover them. Regardless of your body shape it would be wise to stay true to the feminine tailoring patterns offered by great designers. Keep the fine line of your silhouette neat and visible and feel free to experiment with the dresses that would play up your best features be it your narrow waist, long legs or rich bosom.

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Leggings Fashion

It seems that guys won’t get the thing how these indeed super-comfy and sporty clothing pieces mastered the transition from the gym outfits to the red carpet. Leggings are hyper-popular among celebrities who are eager to pair them with cute tops and even dresses. You’ll find and endless range of designs from the liquid leggings to leather and tie dye designs. It might seem an easy alternative to choose it and sport it with your leather jacket and chic high heels still it might not be the best option when it comes of the preferences of men. Instead keep it for your dapper tours in the mall as well as casual events and leave it at home when you head for a date. Later on you might take the risk of wearing it when meeting your partner.

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Oversized Sunglasses

Bee-style oversized sunglasses lived their heyday during the past decades and it seems that neither designers nor the style-conscious public could ditch them out. In spite of the fact that guys actually hate this trend celebrities and urban ladies wear it with confidence paired with their casual and also office chic outfits. These are two of the most stylish examples to copycat still taking into account the opinions of the guys who consider it a real style disaster. The main reason why these accessories are so controversial is that fact that these might change the structure of the face and hide the eyes as well as a larger part of the face which is not actually hot when eager to make an impression. These are some of the fashion trends guys just don’t get therefore keep them in mind if you long for admiring glimpses rather than surprising comments.




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