Fashionable Ways to Wear T-shirts

Fashionable Ways to Wear T-shirts

Invented during the First World War for the American soldiers, the famous t-shirt was introduced in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in the ’20s, and became everyone’s favorite clothing item due to its comfortableness, versatility and to the fact that it flatters every silhouette.

White t-shirt

The white t-shirt is one of those classic pieces that should be found in everyone’s wardrobe. Besides being comfy, it works with everything and anything, and for any occasion. As long as you find one that flatters your figure without revealing bulges, you can pair a white t-shirt with jeans, skirts, cardigans or blazers.

Pair a white t-shirt with skinny jeans or bootcut jeans and flat shoes or flat sandals.

Wear a basic white t-shirt with shorts and a cropped jacket or boyfriend blazer, high-heeled sandals or wedge sandals. You can replace shorts by a pair of tight-fitting jeans, and accessorize the outfit with a beautiful clutch.

Wear a white, loose t-shirt with a dressy blazer, leather leggings and peep-toe shoes. Accessorize the outfit with beautiful, fancy jewelry.

A white t-shirt with a message, a short skirt and high heels might be the ultimate sexy look.

For a more formal look, wear your white tucked into black high-waisted pants. You can take a blazer on top, and accessorize the look with high heels and chunky jewels. If you are not into high heels, you can choose a pair of derbies.

Zoe Saldana/Getty ImagesBasic white t-shirt

Oversized t-shirt

An oversized t-shirt is harder to wear as it tends to give a sloppy touch to your look. However, with a few tips you can match it in a stylish and sexy way.

For a sexy look there are several ways you can match an oversized t-shirt. Wear it tucked in a skirt, with a wide belt at the waist and a pair of high heels. You can also pair with shorts, flat sandals and a scarf. The most sexy and feminine combination it would be with a ruffled skirt, platform sandals and beautiful jewelry.

The easiest and basic combination is that between an oversized t-shirt and skinny jeans. You can add a belt over the tee and one of the sleeves off the shoulder.

Lauren Conrad/PR PhotosOversized tee

Graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts seem to be the perfect choice for a youthful, funny and laidback look. In this sense, the greatest option should be to team a graphic t-shirt with jeans or denim shorts and gladiator sandals. However, you can also pair a graphic tee so you can get a more feminine outfit. Therefore, you can match a nice graphic t-shirt with a mini-skirt and flat sandals, or with skinny jeans and black pumps. Don’t forget to choose chunky jewelry to complete your look.

Graphic print teeAudrina Patridge/PR Photos

Sailor t-shirt

There are so many ways you can wear a “marinière”, from a casual, daytime look to a more glam style. Although the most common way one can wear a sailor t-shirt is with jeans or denim shorts and gladiators or flat shoes, you should know that you can be feminine or masculine depending on how you choose to team the “marinière”.

For a girly look, match a sailor t-shirt with a mini-skirt, flat sandals and a scarf. If you are looking for a more feminine and chic outfit, pair the t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans, high heels and a blazer. Wear a sailor t-shirt as simple as possible and make sure you don’t mix too many colors. Pay attention when choosing accessories and choose blue or white handbags.

Avoid going for more than one piece sailor style. A nice belt over the “marinière” is perfect as it creates a feminine and sexy waist. Don’t forget the straw hat for the hot summer days.

Kim Kardashian/PR PhotosSailor stripe top

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