Fast X’s Global Box Office Opening Could Be Fast & Furious’ Best Since 2017

Projections for Fast X‘s global opening suggest it could rank within the Fast & Furious franchise’s top-performing debuts. The latest installment in the thrilling high-speed franchise will kick off the final act of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family after 22 years of street races, heists, and gradually increasing over-the-top escapades. In Fast X, the family is targeted by a face from their past, as Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes sets his sights on avenging a loved one who was a casualty of the crew’s previous schemes.


As Fast X gears up for its May 19 release, early projections for its opening weekend at the global box office suggest it could be among the highest-performing debuts for the franchise, according to Deadline. Fast X is currently expected to earn $60 million domestically, while the film’s release internationally is projected to earn a total of $235 million. With a total estimated gross of $295 million globally, Fast X will rank third in terms of the franchise’s biggest openings, behind Furious 7‘s $397.6 million and Fate of the Furious‘ $541.9 million.

Fast X’s Box Office Opening Is A Promising Sign For The Franchise

Fast X marks a major change for the franchise’s direction, as the series’ daring cast of car thieves, special agents, and diabolical masterminds are set to take one last ride together. The scale of the story has led to the Fast & Furious finale being divided into multiple parts, as Fast X kicks off what could be a three-film conclusion to Dom’s journey. While Fast X may just be the first part of Dom’s last ride, it has a huge hurdle to overcome at the box office.

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While 2017’s Fate of the Furious provided the franchise with its best box office opening, the following installment, 2021’s F9, had a smaller opening, just below half of its predecessor’s total global opening. F9 was released with a staggered strategy in the wake of cinemas gradually reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that the film earned a more subdued amount due to fewer territories being open and audiences being slower to return to theaters. Fast X’s opening is a promising sign that the series is still a hit for audiences despite concerns of franchise fatigue.

With the promise that Dom is nearing the end of the road, longtime fans of the Fast & Furious franchise should be eager to see what the last ride will bring. Between returning faces and higher stakes, Fast X has set itself up to be a major cinematic event, and that should likely be felt this weekend upon its release. It might also provide an indicator of how the actual finale will perform when it arrives.

Source: Deadline

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