Fast X’s Shocking Death Had Upset One Star, Reveals Director

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Fast X!One shocking death in Fast X is so tragic that it even upset one of the lead actors. Fast X is the beginning of the end of the Fast and Furious franchise, as it starts the final arc. With Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa) as a villain set on vengeance against Dom Toretto, it’s no surprise that some family members are starting to be picked off. Toward Fast X‘s final act, Dom witnesses the most heartbreaking death within his family, who happens to be his younger brother Jakob (John Cena).


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Louis Leterrier revealed that Cena was upset about Jakob’s death. Despite his initial reaction, the director was eventually able to convince Cena that Jakob’s death was worthwhile to allow him a heroic sacrifice following his bonding with Dom’s son Brian (Leo Abelo Perry). Check out the quote below:

“That was my idea. That’s one of the things I came up with early on.”

“I’m like, ‘That man can be a badass but cannot be a bad guy. There’s no mean bone in his body. That’s why my interpretation of his character, as you saw, he’s quite different [from F9]. He is my interpretation of Uncle Jakob — he learns to be an uncle and care for someone when he felt he was never loved, and now he loves someone. He felt the love when Little B hugs him and says, ‘I love you, Uncle Jakob,’ when Mia tells him, ‘Protect him with your life,’ all that stuff.”

“I said to John [Cena], ‘You will have to sacrifice yourself, to give the ultimate gift to your brother to save his son,’ and it upset him. I pitched him between two takes as I’m over there resetting the camera. I pitched him this thing and then he loved it. And that literally changed his performance because he understood where he was going. ‘I’m going to give so much love so then the sacrifice really hurts.’ And it really does hurt.”

Why Jakob Had To Die In Fast X?

Dante (Jason Momoa) already proved that he’s a standout villain in the Fast & Furious franchise. Even with his Fast & Furious 11 return still on the way, he already produced havoc on Toretto’s team and family, leaving a strong impression of the menacing villain. Jakob’s death in Fast X contributes to the high-level threat they are dealing with, leading to this hard decision that allows Dom an open to get his son back from Dante.

Momoa’s villain is supposed to be an all-encompassing figure that will last long after Fast X. He is there to get vengeance on the family after his father’s own death, which really turns him into Dom’s mirror because Dante is fighting for his family just as much as Dom is. However, Jakob’s death proves the family’s conviction and encapsulates the different motives between Dom and Dante. While Dante fights for vengeance for his family, Dom and Jakob fight to protect theirs.

Jakob’s death also helps to establish who he is after his character appeared in F9: The Fast Saga. With Jakob’s arc interconnected with Little Brian, the film solidifies their growing bond, showing that Jakob has a big heart and is willing to do everything to keep his family safe. Jakob’s tragic sacrifice is the heart of Fast X, and it gives him the opportunity to go out as a hero.

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