Fastest Ways To Farm Stellar Jade In Honkai: Star Rail

Farming Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail is the main method for obtaining Star Rail Passes, used for Warping. Unless players are willing to pay with real-life money, the resource is somewhat limited. This means that getting new characters and Light Cones is also limited. Despite being a hard-to-obtain resource, there are many ways to gather it, which is great, for premium and F2P (free-to-play) players alike.

Even if there are many sources that it may come from, it is not an easy task to farm Stellar Jade. Players may venture for a few hours and only muster enough to buy two or three of Honkai: Star Rail’s Warps (Star Rail Passes). As each item costs 160 Stellar Jade in the in-game store, a lot of farming is required. Therefore, knowing what activities to do is key, as it is the best way to get more Stellar Jade.

Best Ways To Get Free Stellar Jade In Honkai: Star Rail

There are many ways to get free Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail and the main ones are by participating in the game’s various activities. Players who regularly progress through their missions, be they related to the campaign or side stories, will often be rewarded with the resource. This is one of the most reliable ways of getting Stellar Jade while staying up-to-date with the game. Of course, limited-time events are also a great source of Stellar Jade.

Players must be mindful of events’ durations to get all the possible Stellar Jade they can within the time frame. Both missions and events may end up drying their Stellar Jade source quickly, so players should also participate in Simulated Universe to claim weekly rewards, as well as first-time completions and unlocked blessings.

The Forgotten Hall game mode also grants prizes, including Stellar Jade for each stage completion.

Smaller amounts of Stellar Jade can also be obtained from Treasure Chests spread across Honkai: Star Rail’s multiple maps. Players can check their treasure progress in each area when opening the map, so they should definitely try to max out all treasure chest encounters. While they reward a few, there are many treasure chests to encounter, and their rewards add up.

Another small but valuable source of Stellar Jades is reading tutorial pages that are added anytime players encounter a new mechanic, enemy, or information that needs to be learned.

However, a bountiful source of Stellar Jade lies within the game’s many goals systems. The first one is Operation Briefing, which requires five objectives to be completed. Upon completing them and ranking up, players can claim rewards, including the precious resource. The same goes for the Trailblaze Level in Honkai: Star Rail, some of which grant Stellar Jade and even Star Rail Passes as rewards – these should be claimed with Pom-Pom. Finally, raising the Equilibrium Level is also a source of Stellar Jade.

Honkai: Star Rail‘s Daily Training is a function that grants Stellar Jade to players as well. By completing daily tasks, they can get a steady 60x Stellar Jade every day. In addition, certain Destinations, such as Herta’s Space Station and Underworld Belobog, have local shops. This vendor grants level rewards based on how much of the local currency was spent within it, each giving the resource.

Other smaller sources of Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail are achievements, in-game text messages, and trial testing of 5-star characters featured in the limited-time banner. New players also have access to the Trailblazing Will event, which grants them a total of 1,600x Stellar Jade, along with 40x Star Rail Passes.

Of course, the final method of farming is through Honkai: Star Rail’s limited codes. While there are never many Honkai: Star Rail codes in circulation at the same time, these can grant just enough to buy an extra Warp, for example. Ultimately, the best way to obtain Stellar Jade is to go through as many activities as possible and leave no corner unexplored.

Honkai: Star Rail

Platform: PC, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

Developer: HoYoverse

Publisher: HoYoverse

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy, RPG, Adventure

Multiplayer: Online Multiplayer

ESRB: Not Yet Rated

Summary: Set after the events of the ongoing game Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based online RPG from developer Hoyoverse. Two members of the Astral Express, March 7th and Dan Heng, are on their way to the Herta Space Station with precious cargo when ambushed by members of a group known as the Antimatter Legion. Chaos ensues as among them is the god of destruction known as Aeon, who steals a seed known as a Stellaron, which they implant in an artificial human known as the “Trailblazer.” Players will assume the role of this character as they try to avoid their fate and save all of civilization. Similar to gacha-style games, players can acquire more characters to add to their party by summoning and engaging in fast-paced turn-based battles in this epic Sci-fi online RPG. 

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