Feathers, Rhinestones & All-Out Glam: A Fangirl’s Guide To Dressing For Harry Styles’ Love On Tour

It’s time to don your feather boas and shine your most colourful cowboy boots: the Met Gala of concert fashion is here (again). In simple terms: the UK is welcoming Harry Styles home for another round of Love on Tour shows (scream it with me everyone, “Leave America!”). If you’re a fan, you’ve probably already analysed the updated setlist (“Fine Line”! “She”! “Stockholm Syndrome”!) and are many TikToks deep in tour videos of Harry calling out fans’ shitty exes. As a longtime One Direction fan and diehard Harry girl, I battled Ticketmaster and booked my London Wembley ticket as soon as I could. This will be my second Harry gig — not to flex but I was at London’s rain show last year — and so I wanted to share all the style suggestions I’ll be taking into consideration for HSLOT 2023.

What is the vibe of Love On Tour concert fashion for 2023?

How do you define HSLOT fashion? It’s a little Western, a little retro (’60s and ’70s-inspired), a little campy and incredibly colourful. Short answer: there is no one answer. This is a tour where you can wear whatever you want and be whoever you want to be, however extravagant, eccentric and elaborate. Anything really does go, as long as it brings you joy. Of course, as with any fandom, we’ve cultivated our own visual language to identify ourselves and build community. There are certain items that tend to signify that someone is a Harry stan and on their way to a Love on Tour show — it’s why Harries have been celebrated for redefining concert fashion. Below are just a few of these style staples, which you’re guaranteed to spot (and some outfits inspired by Harry himself, of course).

Feathers galore

The feather boa is the first fashion item that most people will associate with Harry and his fans. It all started with the lime green boa Harry sported for his Grammys 2021 performance. Now you’re guaranteed to see trails of colourful feathers breadcrumbing your route to the stadium. Rather than buying a cheap, plastic feather boa that I wear once and will inevitably end up as litter (as I did in 2022), this year I’ll be investing in pieces with feathery — or feather-like — trims for a similar vibe. I will note, though, that good-quality feathered designs tend to come in at a higher price point. If you’re on a budget, perhaps draw your inspiration elsewhere.

Fruit Man ‘fits

With songs like “Kiwi”, “Watermelon Sugar”, “Cherry” and “Grapejuice”, it’s no wonder the fandom has nicknamed Harry “Fruit Man”. He’s even leaning into it on tour. Pay homage in the best way with fruit prints and fruit-inspired accessories.

Funky knits

Thanks to JW Anderson, Harry became patron saint of the funky grandad cardigan in 2020, a title he’s since defended with his Gucci collabs, personal style and on stage. A chunky knit cardigan is a great shout but I would only recommend it if you have seated tickets — no one wants to be lugging around a thick knit while dancing up a sweat. You can get the same vibe easily with a cool, colourful crochet knit set or top. Etsy is our go-to for pieces like this, to support independent makers.

Cowboy cool

Colourful cowboy hats and cowboy boots have become mainstays at Harry’s shows. The former because Harry often picks up and wears the cowboy hats thrown on stage; the latter because they’re fun, funky and — if you find the right pair — surprisingly comfy. I wore these Jeffrey Campbell butterfly boots to my last show and danced all night with no pain.

Funky trousers FTW

Harry is a big fan of a funky pair of trousers, whether sequin-embellished, made from a colourful, leather-look material or covered with a bold pattern. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose and they’ll double up perfectly for your next festival. After getting caught in the rain and then stuck in a two-hour queue for the Tube last year, I’m seriously considering making a pair of bright and bold trousers the focal point of my 2023 outfit.

Get bedazzling

Throughout HSLOT, Harry and his stylist, Harry Lambert, have bedazzled everything they can, from personalised name jackets to preppy polo tops and the pockets of jeans. This is a great DIY idea for all those crafty fans out there. Glue-gunning hundreds of rhinestones to a jacket or pair of jeans is not necessarily easy (and definitely time-consuming) but it’s a fun way to personalise your look. It’s also a great way to update pieces you already own or have bought secondhand. If you don’t have the time, look for shimmery, sparkly pieces or items with embellished trims, fringing and patches.

Stripes, hearts and polka dots

If we were to unofficially-officially associate any patterns with the Harry’s House era, it would be stripes, hearts and polka dots. All big, bold and in clashing colours.

Nod to your favourite song

I think one of the funnest ways to dress for any concert is to be inspired by your favourite song or lyric. In my case, that’s “Sunflower, Vol. 6”. I’m planning to cover myself with a sunflower pattern in the hope of manifesting a last-minute addition to the set list. Other looks include yellow sunglasses for “Keep Driving”, a space-inspired look for “Satellite” or some sushi for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”. The possibilities are endless.

What to wear if you’re on a budget or don’t want to buy anything new

Ticket prices, travel, food and drink and, occasionally, overnight accommodation — concerts can be expensive affairs. If you’re on a budget, don’t feel like you have to buy anything new. Honestly, the most colourful outfit that you can pull from your wardrobe will be a vibe. Glitter on your face, colourful eyeshadow or a statement hairstyle is the cherry on top.

Just remember to keep everything comfy and practical

However you decide to dress, make sure you do a comfort run beforehand. I advise testing out your shoes and avoiding wearing new pairs that you haven’t broken in yet. Take a lightweight, hands-free bag for dancing but make sure you’re stocked up on water and pack a jacket for the journey there and back.

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