Fidelity Denim Fall 2020 Lookbook

No matter how many trends and style perspectives come our way, the appeal of gorgeous denim pieces, particularly jeans never fades away. With the wide array of utterly flattering options that instantly dazzle, the Fidelity brand definitely sparks our interest for the upcoming months. Rather than going for ultra flashy options or short lived trends, the label brings interesting alternatives that can serve as the perfect basis for gorgeous new season outfits.

Dark washes are the most flattering options for most body types and provide the most mixing and matching possibilities, so it comes as no surprise that these styles are extremely prevalent throughout the collection. Loose fits are mostly left aside in favor of silhouette revealing skinny jeans. Through careful proportions and well selected points of interest, creating a polished image is extremely easy. Investing in versatile pieces can definitely pay off helping you minimize costs and maximizing wearability.

Still, trend-oriented shoppers have no reason to be disappointed either, since the label brings plenty interesting colorful alternatives as well. The burgundy jeans with the ankle zipper are a definite eye-catcher being a great alternative for those who don’t plan on settling for the same regular options of the season. Simple yet daring, these jeans are the perfect statement for the new season if you have the body for them.

Paying attention to the other alternatives that make up the fab outfits presented we can spot other fabulous pieces worth investing in. Among these are naturally cozy cardigans, fab blazers, fun platorm shoes and even ties if you’re into a few masculine touches for statement purposes this season. Go for fun and versatile options this season with the gorgeous new offerings of the brand.

Photo courtesy of Fidelity Denim

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