Flash’s Top Speed Gives Him a Power Too Extreme for the DCEU

As the Fastest Man Alive, Flash has some of the most extreme powers in the DC Universe, bending the laws of physics to their absolute breaking point. Whether Barry Allen or Wally West, Flash’s powers derive from the Speed Force – an extradimensional energy field which connects the worlds of DC’s multiverse and charges its chosen champions with unbelievable power.

The various versions of Flash are constantly working to find new ways to harness that power, from simply running faster than anyone else alive to vibrating so quickly they turn invisible or can pass through solid matter. Many of these powers have made it to movies and TV, but there’s one that’s so truly bizarre, it’s unlikely to ever be included in the DCEU.


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In Flash vol. 2 #133 – by Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, and Paul Ryan – Flash is up against the Mirror Master, a powerful villain who channels an entire dimension to give him the same control over reflections that Flash has over speed. With Mirror Master projecting himself all around the city and only eleven minutes to save his wife, Flash ratchets up to light-speed to save the day. Of course, in order to do this, Flash has to himself become a form of living light, transmuting his body into pure energy. As light, Flash is unbelievably fast, but he also has unique qualities. Namely, he can be refracted through a prism, splitting his very being into a spectrum of color in the same way that light can be refracted into a rainbow.

Flash Can Split Himself into Seven Rainbow Forms

Passing through Mirror Master’s control Prism, Flash is split into seven different forms in the colors of the rainbow. At the same time, his mind is similarly split into distinct personalities, with a murderous red form, an ultra-confident orange form, and a jealous and competitive green form. This is one of the weirdest things Flash’s powers have ever allowed him to do, however the logic follows from how his body would need to become light in order to literally travel at light speed. Flash’s new selves share the same goal of stopping Mirror Master, even if they have different perspectives, turning him into a one-man superteam. As a team of rainbow Flashes, the once-Scarlet Speedster manages to stop Mirror Master and pass back through the prism, reassembling himself into a single person.

Are Flash’s Rainbow Forms Connected to Green Lantern?

While Flash’s identity-splitting power is discovered due to a Mirror Master trap, Flash knows and works with many of the richest and most ingenious scientists in the universe, and could easily recreate this power at will with his own prism. There are many cases where even the Fastest Man Alive could use a few extra pairs of hands, even if not all of his rainbow forms are Flash at his best. Interestingly, a rainbow of different emotions is the canon explanation for the powers of the Green Lantern Corps and their various enemies and allies in the Emotional Spectrum, and Flash’s personalities do roughly match their primary characteristics. Flash’s personas would fit with the raging Red Lanterns, fearful Sinestro Corps, and hopeful Blue Lanterns.

DC Needs to Bring Back Flash’s Split Power

So far, this shocking power has gone criminally underexplored, perhaps because Flash is a little wary of giving the part of himself that would be willing to kill his villains its own form. However, with a seeming link to Green Lantern’s emotional spectrum and plenty of threats that could be better countered by an all-Flash team, there’s a lot more to learn. If Flash‘s rainbow light forms are going to return anytime soon, however, it’s guaranteed to happen in the comics, as splitting a hero into seven rainbow bodies is the kind of bizarre idea superhero comics embrace and the movies tend to avoid at all costs.

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