From 90s Windbreakers to Running Shoes: 9 Stylish Fall Activewear Essentials You Need

The new season is finally upon us. Gone are those sweltering afternoon workouts—say hello to crisp mornings and early evenings. Fall is one of the most popular seasons and it doesn’t matter if you live in the Northeast or down in the Arizona desert, there’s just something special about this time of the year. To keep up with the changing weather, you need the right activewear essentials to carry you from the morning workout to the post-work hangs. From 90s windbreakers to super comfy retro white shoes, here are some essentials you need.

Rock a Throwback 90s Windbreaker 

Retro looks are back in a big way and they’re sure to dominate this fall season. As you prepare to take on the chilly autumn air, throw on a 90s outerwear classic. 90s windbreakers offer everything you need to look good, feel good and take on the new season in style. You don’t need to dig through your parents’ old clothes or hit up the thrift store either. The best athletic brands are well aware of the retro trends and offer throwback 90s windbreakers to match the season. 

Take on Your Errands in Effortless Walking Shoes

Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean your to-do list is any different. You’re still busy, crushing task after task throughout the day. From your morning cardio session to work meetings, post-work hangs and then squeezing in some time for chillaxing, your schedule is packed and you need a pair of shoes to keep up. Specifically, you need a pair of walking shoes designed to get you from point A to point B, C, D and everywhere in between in stylish comfort. The best walking shoes feature innovative comfort technology to provide a cushioning effect. Pick up a pair of white shoes for walking if you want endless versatility with your style. 

Upgrade Your Running Shoes for the Season

If you’re an avid runner, you know how important the right pair of running shoes can be to your success. They’re the tires that provide the traction, support and cushion you need to get off to a fast start, keep your pace and achieve your personal bests. But just as with all good things in life, you need to replace your running shoes every once in a while and the start of a new season is the perfect time. You should consider upgrading to a pair with built-in cushioning support with flexible comfort materials to make the hardest runs feel like a walk in the park. Check out black shoes designed for running for a look that blends in with all of your fall workout outfits. 

Everyone Needs a Fleece Zip-Up

You’ve got your 90s windbreaker, but you might need something a little more plush and comfy for these chilly fall days. Enter the fleece zip-up. The right fleece zip-up is perfectly layer-able and you can combine it with other elements of your outfit for a versatile and transformative look. When choosing the right zip-up for you, there’s one important question to ponder: full zip or quarter zip? There’s no right or wrong answer and you can’t go wrong with just picking up one of each. Pair it with your stylish black shoes and you’re ready to take on those brisk autumn days. 

Throw on Cozy Track Pants for Nights In

Some fall days are spent outside, moving from place to place and errand to errand. Other days (or nights) are spent almost exclusively inside. Whether you’re curling up with a good book or binge watching your new obsession during a foam rolling session, you need comfortable loungewear with an activewear spin. For many people, a premium pair of track pants is the perfect lounge essential. You can also include fleece joggers and black athletic leggings into this category of comfy bottoms. Long enough to provide full coverage while providing the flexibility you need to stretch out or curl up, everyone needs some athletic-inspired bottoms. Head to your favorite athletic brand and pick up at least a couple pairs. 

Bundle Up in a Cozy New Hoodie

Can one ever have too many hoodies? Not really, as they are essentially a staple from fall through spring. They’re the soft, cozy piece of outerwear that sticks with you from your warmups to your evening meal prep routine. Go bold or keep it low key with a premium hoodie from one of your favorite sports brands this fall. Again, you can’t ever have too many hoodies, so pick up a few and mix and match them with all of your other fall activewear picks. 

Rock Fashion-Forward Versatile Sneakers

The new season is here, so it’s time to give your shoe game a big upgrade. While not necessarily a “fall” essential, who doesn’t love a new pair of fashion-forward sneakers? Athletic sneakers are a big part of the ever-rising athleisure trend and you can find them on the feet of everyone from high school kids to style icons. Black shoes, white sneakers, pink kicks, you name it and there’s something out there for everyone. The best brands will offer a selection of athletic-inspired lifestyle shoes that pair supportive comfort features with next-level style that can really change your overall look. Go big and go bold this season with a pair of fashion-forward sneakers.

Put It All Together with a Versatile Bag

You’ve got a lot going on this fall and that means you probably have a lot of stuff to carry around with you. The best way to do it in style is with a versatile bag. Whether you go with a duffel bag, a streamlined backpack or a compact cross body bag, make it all happen. Your current daily carrier might be looking a little haggard after summer’s adventures, so upgrade to a new one to keep you company all season long. 

Don’t Forget the Chilly Weather Accessories

Last but not least, you certainly can’t forget the cold weather accessories that will keep your head, hands and feet protected from fall’s frigid, dry air. This includes gloves, beanies, warm socks and anything else that will keep you as cozy and comfortable as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for early morning runs or keeping up with your busy nightlife schedule, these accessories are the unsung heroes of your overall outfit. Pair your beanie, gloves and socks with your track pants and 90s windbreaker and you have a fall-approved look that can hang with all of your adventures. 

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