Geren Ford Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Flirty long dresses. Floral prints. Bold tones. You’d think these get boring and overused after a while but designers everywhere insist on proving us the contrary, collection after collection, season after season. The latest display of femininity with gorgeous trendy vibes comes from the Geren Ford spring/summer 2020 collection. Classy, flirty, polished yet only slightly and never boring, the outfits bring a new meaning to summer fun.

The simplicity of the looks and complex overall appeal prove that at the intersection of art and clever design truly lies the gorgeous style perspective that makes us instantly crave these gorgeous ensembles. Asymmetric vibes, usually associated with edginess are now used to inject even more interest in the presented looks, even for simplicity lovers. Tailored to be as demure or as revealing as comfortable for various types of style personalities.

Ruffles, contrasting pockets along with sophisticated along with big textural flowers instantly become points of interest and bring a unique vibe to the gorgeous pieces shown. Contrast is given through intuitive color touches which manage to stand out without being eccentric. And while the prints and bold tones do most of the work as far as becoming noticeable is concerned, accessories are the ones that create that covetable elegant touch.

Gorgeous necklaces, thin belts, vividly colored handbags with a twist or classy sandals are just some of the elements which contribute greatly to the overall appeal of the looks. With such lovable elements put together, becoming the center of attention stops being a simple desire and becomes the pleasant snippet of reality, so use these helpful style suggestions to bring out the best in you in the summer months.

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