H&M Divided Spring 2020 Collection

Keeping our style fresh and interesting on a regular basis is much easier if we are regularly exposed to new style suggestions coming from various sources. The well known brand H&M is certainly doing its part in terms of offering up-to-date style guides as it is constantly releasing new collections that are created to suit the multitude of distinct types of needs that several categories of customers might have.

Integrating many of the latest fashion trends in a single outfit while maintaining a balanced approach proves to be a challenge that the Swedish brand can easily tackle. The looks presented are diverse featuring several of the most important runway trends.

Animal prints, jumpsuits, denim, stripes, shorts or flared pants are just some of the style staples used by the brand in order to create astonishing outfits with a modest amount of effort.

A series of simple style rules lay at the foundation of most of the outfits presented. Color contrasts, created either by opting for a vibrant color that eventually becomes the focal point and draws attention to a certain body part, or the use of a printed clothing item that adds interest to an outfit created solely with the help of simple pieces in solid colors are just some of the examples that can be easily spotted throughout the collection.

Even though the color palette is relatively diverse, the pieces chosen are simple and extremely versatile. The mixing and matching opportunities available are quite numerous, creativity being the only necessary ingredient needed to create marvelous outfits that highlight your exquisite tastes as far as style is concerned. Accessories are another aspect that add complexity and a touch of modernism to the styles displayed.

Bangles and chunky necklaces are some of the most compelling accessories that have dominated the most important accessory trends of the spring summer 2020 season. Used intelligently, these accessories manage to add a touch of uniqueness to the outfit suggestions created by the brand.

Although very well put together, the outfits manage to appear as extremely comfortable in a casual chic manner. With a relaxed attitude and loose hairstyles that match the overall image created, the models manage to display a stylish urban allure with full force. Use some of the style guidelines presented in the collection to be able to sport an equally simple yet sophisticated look on a regular basis.

Photo courtesy of H&M

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