Hogwarts Legacy Best Talent Builds
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Hogwarts Legacy Best Talent Builds

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Hogwarts Legacy offers a talent system for players to customize their gameplay to enhance their spells and abilities. While some might say that for an RPG overall the talent system is a bit shallow. However, due to players not being able to unlearn their selected talents at will, one might be apprehensive about spending their talent points. This is compounded by the fact that not every talent can be learned all on one character.

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With only 50 talents to choose from and only 36 talents to spend at max level 40, picking the right talents is going to be vital to get the absolute maximum out of their character.

Choosing The Best Hogwarts Legacy Talents

Here’s a breakdown of every talent in Hogwarts Legacy; starting each section with a quick reference table, then explaining key talents in each category, as well as helpful advice on choosing the right talents. A guideline for which talents to select first and progress will be provided at the end of this post.

Spells Talents



Transformation Mastery:

Transformation transforms the target into an Explosive object that can be thrown


Bombardo Mastery:

Descendo Mastery:

Glacius Mastery:


Diffindo Mastery:

Depulso Mastery:

Confringo Mastery:

Incendio Mastery:

Accio Mastery:

Levioso Mastery:

Starting at Level 5, the main Talents players will want to grab early are Levioso Mastery and Confringo Mastery. These are two strong spells that will be cast very often at all stages of the game. Diffindo Mastery is also a good pick as it deals a lot of damage, but it can be difficult to line up multiple enemies to make the projectile pierce them all. Diffindo is still a strong spell regardless, so the surprise extra damage is welcome. Incendio Matery, Accio Mastery, and Depulso Mastery are all better suited for Close-Range Combat, pulling multiple targets in with Accio, burning them with Incendio, and then blasting them away with Depulso.

At Level 16, Bombardo Mastery is a very important talent; the base spell deals a large amount of damage and the effect will separate enemies greatly. Descendo Mastery isn’t very strong as the extra pushback is weak in comparison. Glacius Mastery is another good talent to increase damage to multiple targets.

At Level 22, Transformation Mastery is a must-have as it is not only a way to quickly dispatch an enemy, it provides a powerful explosive object that can be thrown for high amounts of damage that hits multiple targets.

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Dark Arts Talents

Dark Arts


Avada Kedavra Mastery:

Curse Sapper:

Killing cursed targets restores HP


Crucio Mastery:

Crucio inflicts Multiple Targets

Imperio Mastery:

Mind-controlled targets inflict curses

Slowing Curse:

Arresto Momentum inflicts curse

Enduring Curse:


Disarming Curse:

Expelliarmus inflicts curse

Knockback Curse:

Stunning Curse:

Blood Curse:

Outgoing damage hits all cursed targets

Starting at Level 5, Blood Curse is one of the essential spells crucial to utilizing the Dark Arts tree to its fullest. However, early on applying curses happens less often, until deeper into the tree. Stunning Curse and Disarming Curse are good ways to inflict the curse effect as Stupefy and Expelliarmus will both be used very often throughout the game.

At Level 16, Enduring Curse is very important to keeping curses on targets to deal damage to many targets thanks to Blood Curse. Crucio Mastery and Imperio Mastery are important to spreading curses if you so choose to use the Unforgiveable Curses.

At Level 22, Avada Kedavra Mastery is one of the strongest spells in the game and is the ultimate spell to make a Dark Arts build insanely powerful. Curse Sapper is a decent talent to grab as well to increase survivability.

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Core Talents



Protego Mastery:

A Perfectly timed Protego breaks enemy shields and damages

Stupefy Expertise:


Basic Cast Airborne: Absorption Hitting Airborne targets with Basic Cast builds Ancient Meter

Protego Expertise: Perfectly timed Protego blocks damage enemies

Evasion Absorption: Dodging attacks builds Ancient Meter

Stupefy Mastery: Increase duration of Stupefy’s stun

Wiggenweld Potency 2: Increase Healing Potion effectiveness

Revelio Mastery: Revelio range increased

Spell Knowledge 3: Additional Spell Set


Basic Cast Mastery: Basic Casts causes spells to recharge faster

Protego Absorption: Blocking with Protego builds Ancient Meter

Swift: Improved Dodge

Spell Knowledge 2: Additional Spell Set

Wiggenweld Potency 1: Increase Healing Potion effectiveness

Ancient Magic Throw Expertise: Weapons disarmed with Expelliarmus can be thrown

Spell Knowledge 1: Additional Spell Set

At Level 5, Basic Cast Mastery is one of the best spells to get first as it allows more powerful spells to be cast more often. Protego Absorption is also excellent as the Ancient Spells are some of the strongest spells in the game. At some point, players will learn many spells and they all won’t fit into one Spell Set; grabbing all Spell Knowledge Talents means players don’t have to keep going into the spell menu to equip their spells. But depending on your progression at Level 5, you might only need 1 extra spell set so that you can save that talent for something more important. Ancient Magic Throw Expertise is very powerful once you’ve learned the Expelliarmus spell. Swift is useful for traversing areas of the map where flying is not allowed particularly in Hogsmeade while searching for Demiguise Statues and indoor sections looking for Field Guide Pages. Wiggenweld potion is useful for those of us who cannot be asked to dodge or block incoming attacks.

At Level 16, Basic Cast Airborne Absorption and Evasion Absorption are both excellent for building the Ancient Meter. The other talents are up to the players preference or are situational at best

At Level 22, Stupefy Expertise is recommended as stupefy will be cast often. Protego Mastery, like Protego Expertise, are very strong, but only useful if you can get good at timing blocks perfectly.

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Stealth Talents



Petrificus Totalus Mastery:

Petrificus Totalus hits multiple targets


Sense of Secrecy 2:

Less detectable while Stealthed


Human Demiguise:

Can now Sprint while Stealthed

Sense of Secrecy 1:

Less detectable while Stealthed

Due to the nature of Petrificus Totalus being a one-hit-kill, stealth is a very powerful option in Hogwarts Legacy. All of these talents are useful for sneaking past particularly tricky sections; while the top talent is a must-have. It’s a bit unfortunate that there are so few options here and they can be completely ignored if stealth is not your thing.

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Room of Requirement Talents

Room of Requirement


Focus Potion Potency:

Extends the duration of Focus Potion when using spells


Venomous Tentacula deals more damage and breaks shields

Thunderbrew Potency:

Increased size and damage of the storm effect


Maxima Potion Potency:

Further increases damage and breaks shields


Mandrakes damage and duration increased


Invisibility Potion Potency:


Doubles Chomping Cabbages sent

Edurus Potion Potency:

Invincible and deflects attacks

Room of Requirement talents are a bit harder to recommend as they require taking extra steps in order to fully utilize them. Players not only have to take the time to craft or buy these consumables, but they also have to keep them in stock in their inventory to benefit from the associated talents. There’s also the matter of only having one quickslot available meaning having to stop and navigate the item menu to select a different one.

All of these talents are useful in improving the potion and plant efficiency in combat, but none of them are particularly necessary. Both the Edurus Potion and Maxima Potion are very powerful potions and their corresponding talents are a welcome addition.

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Best Talent Builds For Hogwarts Legacy

Ultimately, the talents players choose are up to each individual person’s unique, the choice for the best talents to use comes down to 2 key guidelines:

Damage Functionality Quality of life

Damage: Players will want to focus on unlocking the spells that deal the most damage first. Choosing talents that improve these spells is crucial. The question for some players that are interested in Role Playing will need to be addressed. The unforgivable curses are very powerful, especially in the later stages of the game, with the appropriate talents. If one chooses not to go that route, then they can also decide if that want to dabble a little into dark arts, as there are still some worthwhile points there, or spend them elsewhere.

Functionality: Some abilities function isn’t about dealing direct damage, instead they can give the player a strategic advantage. Abilities that interrupt the enemy’s ability to deal damage, such as knock-backs, slows, stuns, and even using consumables like potions and plants, can help the player take a step back and control the crowds.

Quality of life: Finally, there are some key talents that players should be aware of depending on their progression in the game that will make combat a lot less tedious.

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Talent Progression

Starting at level 5, here are recommendations for which talents to select. This largely depends on your playstyle, be it strictly spell-based, stealth-based, or curse-based.

Levioso Mastery (Spells) Confringo Mastery (Spells) or Swift (movement speed) Ancient Magic Throw Expertise (Core) Basic Cast Mastery (Core) Protego Absorption (Core) Spell Knowledge 1 (Core) Diffindo Mastery (Spells) Spell Knowledge 2 (Core) Stunning Curse (Dark Arts) Blood Curse (Dark Arts) Disarming Curse (Dark Arts) Level 16 Bracket: Bombardo Mastery (Spells) or Enduring Curse (Dark Arts) Basic Cast Airborne Absorption (Core) or Crucio Mastery (Dark Arts) Evasion Absorption (Core) or Imperio Mastery (Dark Arts) Spell Knowledge 3 (Core) Glacius Mastery (Spells) Human Demiguise (Stealth) Level 22*: Transformation Mastery (Spells) or Petrificus Totalus Mastery (Stealth) Stupefy Expertise (Core) or Curse Sapper (Dark Arts)

At this point, players can spend their points however they would like, as the ones above are likely going to be the most beneficial early on. Players could also pick up the Wiggenweld Potency talent at any point if they find themselves using a lot of them. It’s suggested to keep to the Core, Spells, and Stealth trees for regular play, or grab the remaining ones in Dark Arts for spreading curses with more spells.

* Note that while the talent for Avada Kedavra is in the level 22 bracket, the spell doesn’t become available until level 27.

Stealth Build

While there is no question Avada Kedavra is one of the best spells, it does require players to make a crucial decision as to whether they want to be perceived as evil in the game. There aren’t any serious implications to the game except for a few small changes in the games ending if a player does choose to use those spells. With that said if you are looking for a seriously powerful build that doesn’t require using the # Unforgiveable curses, the Stealth build may be for you.

Basically, all you’ll want to do is pick up every stealth talent making sure to have one available upon reaching level 22. The final talent is seriously overpowered. The Petrificus Totalus ability being able to hit multiple targets and also able to be spammed repeatedly gives the killing curse a run for its money.

Plants and Potions Master Build

While brewing potions and harvesting plants is not for everyone and having to keep these consumables in stock is a rather tedious exercise. However, if a player maxes out the talents in the Room of Requirement, they might not need to cast many spells at all. Given that the game pauses whenever accessing Tools menu means players can stack all their potions at once, becoming invincible, invisible, and exceeding power levels. They can also send out a very large amount of plants with the Fertilizer talent for use with the Chomping Cabbages meaning they can just sit back and relax as their minions do all the work.

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Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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