Honkai: Star Rail – All Certification Robot Answers

When players begin the “To Rot or To Burn” quest in Honkai: Star Rail, they have to figure out all the answers to questions posed by Certification Robots scattered throughout the Robot Settlement area. Providing the right response to prompts gives players higher clearance levels to eventually be able to enter Svarog’s Base. Finding Svarog is an important part of the game’s story, so players must hunt down the locations of three Certification Robots to progress.

Not every Certification Robot question has a direct answer, as one of them instigates a fight between the player and their party. Players should ensure they are at least Level 20 before embarking on this quest to ensure this battle won’t be too much of a challenge. Having a character such as Bailu can be great for this combat since her Lightning elemental damage is more effective against the enemies faced.

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Every Correct Certification Robot Answer In Honkai: Star Rail

Robot Type



Certification Robot

“Who is the reigning champion of the Internal Combustion Engine Rap Tournament?”

88 Degrees Bedrock

Irritable Robot

“Riddle me this: a microcrystalline unit should be connected to which component?”

Logic Control Hub

Malfunctioning Robot


This leads to a fight against an Automaton Hound and two Automaton Beetles.

At first, it may seem hard to figure out why these answers are correct, but players can find context for the first two Robot’s questions around the map. For example, talking to the Vagrant Rapper and Eunice NPC’s near the Certification Robot lets players figure out how successful 88 Degrees Bedrock was from the Internal Combustion Engine Rap Tournament. In addition, listening to Eunice’s “fire rhymes” grants players 5 Stellar Jade.

Similarly, the answer to the Irritable Robot can be found by talking to either the Earnest Vagrant or Suspicious Vagrant NPC, who speak of the microcrystalline until and the parts it connects to. Simply talking to nearby characters should provide players with everything they need to get increased Certification Levels.

If, for whatever reason, players answer either the Certification or Irritable Robots incorrectly, they’ll have to fight them in a short battle. Although they aren’t nearly as difficult as the enemies presented by the Malfunctioning Robot, players might still want to have a strong Trailblazer character build in Honkai: Star Rail, just in case. Passing through all the Certification Robots and giving them the correct answers in Honkai: Star Rail completes the quest and gives players some XP as a reward.

Honkai: Star Rail

Platform: PC, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

Developer: HoYoverse

Publisher: HoYoverse

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy, RPG, Adventure

Multiplayer: Online Multiplayer

ESRB: Not Yet Rated

Summary: Set after the events of the ongoing game Honkai Impact 3rd, Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based online RPG from developer Hoyoverse. Two members of the Astral Express, March 7th and Dan Heng, are on their way to the Herta Space Station with precious cargo when ambushed by members of a group known as the Antimatter Legion. Chaos ensues as among them is the god of destruction known as Aeon, who steals a seed known as a Stellaron, which they implant in an artificial human known as the “Trailblazer.” Players will assume the role of this character as they try to avoid their fate and save all of civilization. Similar to gacha-style games, players can acquire more characters to add to their party by summoning and engaging in fast-paced turn-based battles in this epic Sci-fi online RPG. 

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