Honkai Star Rail’s 10 Best Side Quests

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest game from HoYoverse, creator of Genshin Impact, and although there isn’t as much content available yet for Honkai: Star Rail, there’s still a decent number of quests that players can complete across the Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, Xianzhou Luofu, and the Astral Express. Below are ten of the best side quests the game currently has to offer.

Quests in Honkai: Star Rail are divided into four categories. Of these categories, three of them fall into the role of side quest: Adventure, Companion, and Daily. Players who are particularly interested in characters aside from the Trailblazer, or who want to learn more about their teammates, might enjoy doing Companion Missions the most out of the side quest types, but other mission types are needed for unlocking parts of the game.



10 Hook’s Gift

Hook is the leader of the Moles in the Underworld of Jarilo-VI, and “Hook’s Gift” is the third part of her Companion Mission. Aside from trying to make the Moles the most popular group in the Underworld, Hook wants to give a gift to her father. There’s more to the story than that, but in addition to a sweet journey in Honkai: Star Rail to help a girl make her world a little brighter, the player also receives Stellar Jade at the end of each mission section.

9 On The Doorsteps Of Science

On the Doorsteps of Science” is a Honkai: Star Rail Daily Mission where players have to answer a question as part of the Ministry of Education quiz. There are currently eight possible questions that players could receive, all of which are similar to word problems players may have seen during their school days. While it can be tempting to skip this Daily Mission, it does help players work toward earning Daily Training rewards. Plus, the answers are available online for players who don’t want to solve the puzzles themselves.

8 Gladiator

Gladiator” is a Honkai: Star Rail Adventure Mission that sees the player’s return to Fight Club in Boulder Town on Jarilo-VI. It isn’t unlocked until Trailblazer level 19, and after “Ring and Stage 1” – another Adventure Mission – is completed. However, “Gladiator” is a delightfully simple side quest. Set up a Honkai: Star Rail team and enter the ring to win five rounds of fighting. Not only is the quest centered around fighting, players will also receive Stellar Jade as part of their reward.

7 Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe” involves a series of Honkai: Star Rail Adventure Missions that see the Trailblazer work with Herta and run through challenges in the simulated universe that she’s created. Players can receive help from characters they’ve unlocked, but it’s a good idea to take a healer along if possible. Players will earn Stellar Jade and other rewards for completing the “Simulated Universe” quests, but that’s not the only reason they’re worth doing.

After completing the “Simulated Universe” quests, players can enter it as a challenge mode. Planar Relic sets can be farmed in Herta’s simulated universe, and they act as accessories to Honkai: Star Rail’s Cavern Relics. This alone makes these side quests worthwhile.

6 Stagnant Shadow

Stagnant Shadow” is another Adventure Mission, but it’s not available until players reach Trailblazer level 30 and Equilibrium level 2. Much like “Simulated Universe,” Stagnant Shadow” in Honkai: Star Rail unlocks a challenge mode that players can continue to play through. Since it’s the only way to acquire Ascension materials for some characters, it might not be as optional of a side quest as others.

5 Fleeting Lights

One of the few side quests that start on the Astral Express, Fleeting Lights” in Honkai: Star Rail unlocks the Forgotten Hall. The Forgotten Hall is a challenge mode that gives players a limited number of turns to beat, and the difficulty increases with each of the 15 levels. While it might be one of the harder challenge modes, Forgotten Hall is a great place for farming Stellar Jade.

4 The Adventurous Moles

The Adventurous Moles” is another reason to do Hook’s Companion Mission in Honkai: Star Rail as it unlocks this Adventure Mission. This time, the Moles send the player on a treasure hunt throughout the Underworld that can be a bit tricky to complete. It doesn’t unlock any challenge modes, but players will receive some Stellar Jade for their troubles.

3 The Lost Button

The Lost Button” is a short Honkai: Star Rail mission, but it’s repeatable and involves the adorable conductor of the Astral Express, Pom-Pom. When the player enters the Astral Express, Pom-Pom might have a rain cloud over their head, letting players accept one of the random quests they offer. For “The Lost Button,” players have to find Pom-Pom’s missing button, but other quests include tasks like helping them stretch, reading them a bedtime story, and other cute tasks.

2 Survival Wisdom

Sampo tricks the Trailblazer once again in the Survival WisdomHonkai: Star Rail Adventure Mission. After completing the main quest “Lying in Rust,” players receive a message from Sampo asking them to meet him. He’ll have the player retrieve a few items, then give them a fake Treasure Map to follow. However, after returning to Sampo, he’ll give the player a real Treasure Map as a reward that will lead to a Precious Chest.

1 An Unexpected Turn Of Events

An Unexpected Turn of Events” is Arlan’s Companion Mission in Honkai: Star Rail. What really sets this quest apart from other Companion Missions is that most of the quest involves Asta’s dog, Peppy, who is lent to the player to help them find Arlan. Players will follow Peppy through the Herta Space Station, and one of the rewards for this mission is the Peppy Profile Picture.

The missions in Honkai: Star Rail bring with them a balance between serious and lighthearted tones, for side quests and main quests alike. Similarly, the quests bring a lot of variety with them in terms of content and difficulty, and some are completed by simply talking to a single NPC. Overall, for a game that’s recently released, the current array of missions among all four categories show promise for the future content that will undoubtedly be added to Honkai: Star Rail.

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