How To Dress for an Apple Shaped Body

How To Dress for an Apple Shaped Body


If you have wide torso, large distinct breasts and a full midsection, it means you have an apple body type. To be honest, it is not an easy task to dress an apple-shaped woman, because most apples tend to underestimate the significance of their assets and instead of emphasizing those, draw attention to their tummy by covering it with ruffles and decorations. Your middle part often troubles you and is most likely to get weight so your biggest challenge is to avoid weight fluctuations. However, let’s focus on your assets. Apple-shaped women will most likely have slender arms and legs, and narrow hips. Apple is a sweet fruit so apple-shaped women should be proud of their bodies, but in order to emphasize your strengths and hide your problem areas, you need to dress right. These steps below will show you how to dress in a flattering way.


Courtney Maxwell

Your biggest challenge is accommodating your tummy and balancing it with the rest of your figure. The most important thing to consider when choosing your underwear is getting a good bra. You need clear distinction between your bust and your belly and it can be easily achieved with the help of a good bra. Choose the bra that fits and supports you well, as one of the most common mistakes apples make is getting a bra a size smaller than it should be in an attempt to minimize the volume. Do not repeat that mistake and choose the bra that fits! Stay away from strapless bras and triangle bras that have no support, push-ups are also not the best choice for you as normally your breasts will not need more emphasis. Choose half cup bra or full cup bras that will support you well and create the necessary shape and definition. As for the bottom part of your undergarments, choose something with a belly-lessening effect. As apples tend to have narrower hips and bigger tummy, it is important to balance the proportions and create a nice curve, which is possible to do with the basis of your outfit- your underwear. High-waisted panties or French knickers will create a shape you are looking for and will make you look and feel fabulous.

Tops and shirts.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Your bust is your great asset so choose tops with wide neckline that draw attention away from your midsection. Moreover, look for tops that will define your body better. Creating silhouette- that is the main task of all apples. High waist tops, blouses with ruffles, V-neck tops will look great on apple-shaped women.

Lucy Hale

If your prefer simplicity, add a big scarf to create more shape and balance out your whole body, just like Lucy Hale did. At the same time, avoid square shapeless shirts that add more bulk to your whole body. Stay away from high-neck shirts as well, since your cleavage is an asset and you don’t want to hide it. A simple button-down will also look good on you when it is shapely and designed for women. Remember not to choose baggy clothes- they do not flatter anyone, more so apples. Take pride in your body; do not hide it beneath the shapeless sack!

Jackets and coats.

Catherine Zeta Jones

It has been mentioned earlier and should be stressed out again and again that the key to show off all the assets for the apple-shaped women is to create shape, balance and structure. That is why, coats and business-like jackets are so perfect for the sweet apples. Coats and jackets are shapely and structured by definition (well, most of them, always look for classic models) and will create a nice frame for the rest of your figure. When looking for a coat, choose something that shows off your nicely shaped legs, like, for example, something like Catherine Zeta Jones’s brick-color coat. It is voluminous in the bust area, which creates contrast and shape. At the same time, a simple silhouette will elongate your body and hide your full midsection as well. Therefore, the choice is all yours.

Jennifer Hudson

As for the jackets, Jennifer Hudson’s business jacket is what all apples should own. Strict, structured, trendy- it creates a nice hourglass frame and we would never have thought she in fact belong to the apple group.


Jennifer Hudson

Apples are very lucky, as there is a whole variety of dresses that will flatter their body. Once finding out what is your perfect dress, there is no need to change it and look for something else. An A-line shape is a good choice for an apple, but make sure the waistline is not too tight and that the dress creates some movement. Jennifer Hudson’s simple black dress is great as it emphasizes her long shapely legs, her neckline, while elongating the torso with its simple shape that falls down freely.

Catherine Zeta Jones

A simple sheath dress like the one Catherine Zeta Jones is wearing in the photo above, will also look great on the apples, when you add a belt to creates a balanced shape. If you are not so sure, whether you can pull off a waist belt, shift your waist higher with an empire waist dress or a halter dress.

Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley’s halter dress is so beautiful that we never notice her full midriff. When choosing a dress, avoid wrapped dresses, as their main purpose is to emphasize the tummy, which we are not looking for in a dress.


Octavia Spencer

Straight and A-line skirts were made for apple-shaped bodies. At the same time avoid by all means pleated skirts, because they your stomach look wider, and in fact, only skinny girls with very narrow waist and hips can look great in pleated skirts. Structured pencil skirts actually work the best, but try to keep them at knee length. If you really like pleats, choose skirts with pleats starting below your hips to avoid extra bulk in your midsection.

Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff skirt has simple design but its bright color looks distinct and draws attention to her bottom part. Octavia Spencer simple pencil skirt is everything a woman should look for, as its simple non-pretentious cut gives the body the structure and shape one needs. When paired with a simple button-up, the result is quite distinct and outstanding.


Drew Barrymore

When choosing the pants, the same “no bulk” rule applies. That is why, look for a side fastening, and keep in mind that flat fronted trouser is your best choice. It will help you avoid adding any extra bulk to your stomach. Simple, monochromatic pants are the best, choose relaxed fit and avoid super-wide legs, which will definitely make you wider. Still, remember, that for an apple-shaped body pants is not the best option as they hide your best assets, that is, your slim legs. As your legs are usually quite thin, do not buy skinny pants or leggings, which will make them look even thinner compared to the rest of your body.

Jeans and shorts. 

Tyra Banks

Instead of jeans look for a more tailored option in denim trousers. Again, go for wide legged trousers to balance your body. Boot cut or trouser cut is your best option, and do not be afraid of pronounced back pockets- they will add shape to your hips. Tyra Banks boot cut jeans look very flattering and accentuate her endless legs and her beautiful hips. Boyfriend cut jeans will also look good on you as they add volume on your hips and shift focus from your middle part to your bottom. As for the shorts- wear them with pride and confidence, since they can show off your beautiful legs and lessen your waist. Choose high-waisted shorts, and keep in mind that low rise shorts might create a “muffin top”, which is deeply unflattering.


Tyra Banks

No need to be shy and avoid going to the beach. Now, you can transform your look with the help of a correct swimsuit. Bikini or one-piece- the choice is yours. Look for swimsuits that will enhance your bust and deemphasize your midsection and hips. Ruffles, padding or embellishments at the bust will do the job. Tyra Banks’s bright red one piece looks quite impressive thanks to the bright color and ruffles at her shoulders, that draw all the attention.

Liz Hurley

Other options would be straps that strapless suits or straps that are at mid shoulder. A good addition to your bikini would be an a-line skirt that skim your body without adding volume or a pair of shorts, like the ones Ashley Benson is wearing. It creates shape without adding bulk.

Ashley Benson

Remember: if you have an apple shaped body, balance is the key. Balance your body proportions with the correctly chosen outfits and you will look and feel confident and fabulous!

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