How to Dress for an Hourglass Shaped Body

How to Dress for an Hourglass Shaped Body

If your top and bottom parts are approximately equal with the slim distinctive waist, then congratulations- you have an hourglass body type- the type that most women strive for and only about 8% of women actually have. The classical representatives of this body shape are Golden Age actresses: Diana Dors, Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida, and of course, fabulous Marilyn Monroe with her soft body structure, gentle shoulders, short thin waist and well-defined breasts and hips.

Charlize Theron

For some women having an hourglass body shape might somewhat of a challenge, as it is not easy to embrace one’s femininity in our fast-changing world where women are strong and independent. But, hiding your beautiful figure beneath shapeless pants and t-shirts would be a crime against yourself and your personality, that’s why, in the steps below you will learn how to dress for an hourglass shape without looking too old-fashioned or plain.


Claudia Romani

For an hourglass one of the biggest issues is accommodating your breasts. They are there, and they definitely draw attention. The biggest mistake hourglass shaped women make when trying to avoid all that unnecessary attention is trying to hide their breasts and therefore ending up getting a wrong underwear. It is time that you embrace your femininity and the way you are and get yourself a good supportive bra. The attempts to hide your breasts often results in more bulk in that area. Getting a bra that fits will solve the problem and will make you feel comfortable and sexy without overemphasizing your assets. Avoid push-ups as they will lift your breast up and make your whole body look disproportionate. Get fitted, because without the right underwear nothing will look and feel right. Simplicity and comfort is your key for an everyday undergarments. Simple matching bra and briefs is basically all you need.

Sophia Loren

For a more frivolous fee- sexy corset was made just for you as you already have the perfect body for it.

Tops and shirts.

Christina Hendricks

With your perfectly balanced proportionate body all you need is to maintain the look, that’s why simplicity and formality is your key. Hourglass does not need any additional décor in their shirts, so avoid bows, frills, and other embellishments for your top part and rather go for a simple V-neck. It will open your neckline and show off your assets while giving you definition on the top and highlighting your thin waist at the bottom.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Even the simplest top will look great on an hourglass body so with all its casualness it can look very formal and elegant on you. In addition, one of the biggest issue for the hourglass is finding the right shirt that will fit perfectly at both top and bottom without pushing your bust or ballooning at your waist. Look for a shirt that’s fitted under your bust for best effect but make sure the fitting actually starts under your bust.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson simple blouse looks fabulous thanks to its vertical lines and high-waisted skirt, which can also be a solution if you don’t want to have your blouse tailored.

Jackets and coats.

Dita Von Teese

Choose form-fitting jackets or jackets with a flare at the bottom, structured and balanced with the fixed shoulder at the top. A two button fitted jacket works perfectly as the buttons contain and elongate your waist (remember that hourglasses have a very short waist, so always try to elongate it visually), creating the illusion that your waist is longer and making your look shapeless and bulky.

Scarlett Johansson

As for the coats, get yourself a few classical trench coats that will accentuate your femininity, while remaining simple and elegant. A thin belt will show your waist and your curves. Just make sure to avoid wide belts as they will make your short waist even shorter and create a misbalance between your bottom and your top. Dita Von Teese and Scarlett Johansson’s coats looks different but they have one thing in common- the soft belt keeping the balance of the frame alive.


Monica Bellucci

Let’s face it- dress is the most advantageous clothing item for hourglasses. It can be more feminine or formal but, in any case, it will show off your body in a very appealing visually stimulating way. Hourglasses style is usually more conservative, thanks to their figures, and there is nothing wrong with it. Your body is your biggest asset so fitted dresses is what you need to stress it out. Go for an open neckline to open up your chest and minimalize your bust. Look for a dress that fits your shape, nipping in at the waist at a lower point. It works with your shape while making your waist look extended and consequently the whole shape more slender and elongated.

Toccara Jones

Alternatively, you can choose a playful full skirt or a ladylike dress to highlight your soft and feminine side, just like Toccara Jones does. Depending on your style and personality, the dress can be more complex, but remember to keep the balance and proportions as they are, even if you add lots of embellishments.

Kate Winslet

Also, keep in mind that simplicity is what you need, and Kate Winslet visually stimulating dress proves it perfectly well.


Kenya Moore

A pencil skirt is made for an hourglass. The way it casts itself around your curves is perfect to show off your feminine shape and you have the shape to carry it off. Wear it with a fitted top to show off your tiny waist and full top half and maintain balance. At the same time, have a look at maxi skirts- when worn with a proper top, maxi will look fabulous on an hourglass.

Jennifer Metcalfe

Jennifer Metcalf monochromatic cropped top and a maxi skirt show her curves without being too provocative. And, of course she follows the rules for all hourglasses: the simper- the better.


Jennifer Lawrence

Let’s face it- trousers and anything else reminding menswear is not really something suitable for an hourglass shaped figures. However, if you like pants and well, it is almost impossible to keep up with the city pace wearing just dresses, try to choose either wide-legged pants or skinny leggings. Always remember to emphasize your waist with either a fitted top or high-waisted pants, just like Jennifer Lawrence does in the photo. Her pants are a perfect balcnce between comfort and elegance.

Sophia Vergara

Sophia Vergara’s choice is for bold trendy women who love being the center of attention and embrace their feminine hourglass body.


Scarlett Johansson

Despite having the most enviable bodies, the hourglass women often face problems when looking for a perfect pair of jeans. Hourglasses may find that jeans might end up being baggy on the waist or too tight on the hips, as the standards cater for boyish bodies. That is why, invest your time into finding a perfect pair of jeans and stick with the cut in future. Stretch denim might be a good solution as they will fit both hips and waist.

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook skinny jeans are trendy and at the same time have a feminine touch thanks to her curvy body. Pair your bottoms with a relaxed top for a casual look in case you are slightly tired from always looking too formal and classy. High-waisted or bootcut jeans also will work quite well for the hourglasses, so keep your options open.


Kirsten Dunst

Thanks to your greatest advantage- your whole body, you will great in most swimsuit. Just do not forget to not change natural proportions. Match colors for the top and the bottom, do not overcomplicated the design and the patterns of the swimsuit, go for a simple one-piece that will enhance your hourglass shape, or a simple bikini with a matching top to show off your curves.

Kelly Brook

Add some layers to your top or bottom for some fun playful touch, as Kelly Brook does here. It will create an appealing effect and enhance your proportions. A tankini might also be a good option for more reserved girls that do not want to draw too much attention to their bodies and enjoy the beach in peace and quiet. In any case, you are very lucky as basically everything will look good on you and you do not need to spend hours choosing the right swimsuit to show all your assets.

Because of the change in the beauty standards, hourglass shaped women might have an urge to hide their curves, which is wrong wrong wrong. Nowadays we are witnessing the return of the curves into the mass culture and it is time to get out of the closet and embrace your femininity. Hourglass is back to being the perfect feminine shape, so with the tips above you will be able to dress smartly for any occasion without hiding your beautiful body.

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