How To Dress For Hot Girl Summer (Without The Pressure Or The $$$)

How To Dress For Hot Girl Summer (Without The Pressure Or The $$$)

When Megan Thee Stallion inspired the first Hot Girl Summer in 2019, few of us had any hesitations about living our best lives. And many of us did just that. One year later however, during the first few months of the pandemic, summer meant sofa cocktails and Zoom therapy sessions. Then when summer ’21 came around, what we thought was going to be our year ended up getting spoiled by an unpredictable traffic light system that put paid to our travel plans, and half-hearted festivals going off with several hitches.

That brings us to now. We’re anticipating the Hot Girl Summer to end all Hot Girl Summers. COVID restrictions are few and far between, weddings are back on the books and travel vouchers can finally be redeemed. With events majorly upping the ante and the overall excitement of this year’s possibility, there’s a mounting pressure to spend more, go out more, experience more this summer. And maybe, just maybe, the pressure might be too much.

One look at our social feeds and we’re bombarded with messages from brands and content creators encouraging us to shop. Event-specific shopping edits are hugely successful marketing strategies (e.g. Nasty Gal’s ‘The Journey Is The Destination’ festival edit and PrettyLittleThing’s Hot Girl Summer drop). Influencers are sharing massive shopping hauls and memes about overspending on clothes are a dime a dozen.

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