How to Dress If You Have Long Legs and Short Torso

How to Dress If You Have Long Legs and Short Torso

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If you are a lucky owner of endless legs, you still have some fashion goals before you: you should try to visually increase your short body and create good proportions and balance between your top and your bottom. The rules are as follows:

You can leave your blouses bent on to elongate the waist
Go for long jackets with blouses
Choose accessories that draw the eyes down
Skirts and pants should be in your wardrobe, but not waistbands
Wear low waisted skirts and pants
Narrow non-contrasting belts
Opt for low to medium heels.

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You may eventually find out what type of shirts are perfect for you. However, until then, get your shirt tailored. Bring some of your favorite shirts to a close-by tailor, and explain what proportions you are excepting them to have. Also tight shirts and tops will look good on you, just do not wear them way too tight, and always choose the size that fits you.
Stop wearing your pants low. Wear pants that match, and wear them in an acceptablemanner, in such a way that they flatter you and your body. You would like to wear stuff that looks classy on you. You need to wear stuff that looks smart on you, and if that means you avoid this one explicit fashion, then avoid it.

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If you are full-bodied woman, then wear things that emphasize your waist, and are not too shaggy, thus you do not look massive and bulky. Create a waist in case you think it’s not well-pronounced. It also can help if you don’t wear clothing that pulls a tough line across your waist, as that may shorten your look. Thus as an example, rather than mixing a white shirt with black pants, you should wear a blue shirt with gray pants – somewhat monochromatic outfit, to relinquish the illusion that you are taller. And rather than sporting, say, tan pants with a black belt, you wear a brown belt, again, thus it blends, and does not cut you off at the waist and cause your torso look even shorter.

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One trick, within the changing room, is to carry your smartphone in with you, and take a photograph of yourself once you try things on. Then inspect the image, not the mirror. You get a better understanding of what the item looks when it is on you. It also might help if you bring a friend that you are sure is going to be honest with you.
Be happy with who you’re and be the simplest YOU that you just is.
Tucking the shirt in will make your torso look longer and thus the whole figure more balanced, just do not tuck it altogether, tuck it in and then pull it out a little bit to cover the belt a bit.
Use longer shirts and lower waistlines to relinquish the impression of an extended body. Also, don’t use babydoll dresses at all, because typically babydolls have an empire waist and make an illusion of even longer legs and tiny body.

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Cute T-shirt dresses or A-line frocks are great for warm summer days. Treat yourself with a bunch of those for all sorts of weather and your mood.

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High-waisted jeans or shorts seem look like your legs begin even to a higher place than they are doing. Whereas I might sometimes say that optical illusions are normally reinforcing the hegemonic notions of desirability, I actually like feeling like my legs measures eight feet long, thus I am aiming to go ahead and endorse this trend.

Heidi Klum

Anyway, these tips, though aiming at balancing your look, are just some guideline to make you feel more comfortable in your own body. In any case, women with long beautiful legs will always be popular and hot, and if you are still not sure what to wear and how to be more confident the way you are, just look up at celebrities, as most of them have long legs and short torsos and are confident beautiful women.


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