How to Dress if You Have Short Legs and Long Torso

How to Dress if You Have Short Legs and Long Torso

If you are a woman of petite or average height and have short legs and long torso, there are some tricks you’ll be able to use to create the illusion of long, lean and attractive legs, and a shorter torso, and we will help you with that.
Use Color to Your Advantage. 


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 Match your shoes together with your pants or stockings. As an example, attempt wearing black hosiery along with black heels. This colorful look creates a clean line, because the eye travels from the highest of your leg straight travelling down to the bottom no end.
 Select pants in the same color scheme as your boots or shoes. If you can’t match the color specifically, get as near as possible in order to create a visually longer line. As an example, tuck your darkest wash jeans into your favorite black knee-long boots.
Wear a monochromatic outfit. Matching the color of your stockings with your shoes creates an illusion of extended, endless sexy legs; however if you wear a complete outfit in the same color it will add onto that and make your legs look longer and your torso shorter.
Cover your legs with dark colors. Black and alternative muted shades have a slimming effect, and carrying them on your legs can make your legs look more slender.

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Purchase nude heels. For those of us who don’t know what nude is, it’s a shade that closely blends together with your skin tone, therefore choose carefully as people skin tones differ significantly. In selecting a shoe that blends in together with your skin tone, you are creating a visual effect and trick the observers into not noticing where the shoe begins and where the leg ends. As a result, your leg seems extended as the nude heel creates an illusion that the length comes from your heel.
Get a pair of pants with a vertical patterned pattern. Vertical details draw the attention up and down, “tricking” it into seeing further length. Similarly, vertical rows, piping and straight rows of buttons will produce a similar effect.

High Waists and High Hemlines

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 A for the A-line . The silhouette of your skirt hides wherever the leg starts, especially if you select a pencil or A-line skirt. Nothing can go wrong with those!
Choose a skirt or dress with a high line. Opt for miniskirts and alternative above-the-knee cuts for best results. It does not hurt to expose more leg!
Try a skirt with an asymmetrical line. Straight, horizontal hemlines interrupt the attention because it travels down your legs. Maximize the length you’ll be able to get from wearing a skirt by selecting an asymmetrical line for it, thus making it more difficult to focus on just one part of your body.
Keeping your pants neatly hemmed. Long pants ought to have hemlines that simply scratch the ground. Beware though, that having your pants drag any longer will produce a sloppy look and can build your legs look shorter than they are.
Pile up on shorts and Capri pants. Shorts are a must-have in any wardrobe since they show off as much leg as a short skirt. Try wearing your shorts with a nice pair of heels for an extra length.

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Go for high-waisted pants and skirts. Everyone naturally assumes that your leg starts where your waist starts. If you pull your pants to your waist or above, you trick your keen observers into seeing more leg length than you truly have.

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Stay away from low-rise jeans or pants. If high-waisted bottoms tend to elongate your legs, then low-waisted bottoms tend to make you look shorter, so stay away from those!

Wear the Right Shoes

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Buy a pair of high heels. Heels provide you with further height, making the illusion of endless legs. Decide on skinny heels over chunky ones to avoid adding a more bulk to your feet and thighs.
Avoid heels with straps. The horizontal line tends to chop your leg off at the end of foot, thereby intentionally lowering its length. If you love straps and do wish to get rid of them, then choose matching pair of stockings to go with those.
Explore for ballet flats with a sharpened toe. A sharpened toe makes your foot look lengthy, which, in turn, might also help in elongating your legs and shortening your torso.

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