How To Fast Travel In Redfall

Redfall has a robust fast travel system that players can use to get around town, but it takes some work to set up. Throughout the game, players will visit many of Redfall’s local landmarks and clear out safe houses. In true Arkane fashion, the town itself is a sprawling, dense open world, and players can use fast travel to cut down travel times and avoid unnecessary combat encounters.

Fast travel unlocks automatically at the end of the prologue when players clear out Redfall’s Fire Station to use as a base of operations. From that point, players are free to explore the town, using Redfall’s stealth mechanics to slay or avoid vampires and cultists. While exploring, they can easily return to the Fire Station by using the map to fast travel. However, extra work is needed to unlock fast travel in other areas.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Redfall

There are two main ways to get fast travel working in Redfall: Redfall Historical Markers and Safehouses. Historical Markers are often found near significant landmarks in town, such as the Supper Club just down the road from the Fire Station. These markers unlock fast travel nodes once interacted with. Players can then fast travel to those locations from anywhere in town.

Players must still travel to Historical Markers on foot before they can be unlocked.

Players must put in some extra work to unlock Safehouses for fast travel. Safehouses are special bunkers found all over Redfall, often filled with cultists and bloodsucking vampires that need to be cleared out. Players can then start up nearby generators to power UV lights, creating a safe zone. Each Safehouse has its own puzzles that often force players to face extra enemies, but once they’re cleared out, players can fast travel straight to them.

Unlocking Safehouses also gives players access to special Safehouse Missions that can be completed for extra rewards.

How To Use Fast Travel In Redfall

Once players have unlocked fast travel nodes, using fast travel is as simple as opening the in-game map and selecting a location. Fast travel can be used from just about anywhere in Redfall, making it a useful time-saving tool that allows players to conserve both health and ammunition.

Of course, Redfall is best played with friends, exploring the town together, finding new and interesting places, and battling bloodsuckers. As such, players shouldn’t use fast travel too much if they want to see everything Redfall has to offer.


Platform: PC, Xbox Series X

Released: 2023-05-02

Developer: Arkane Austin

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Genre: Open-World, Action, FPS, Adventure

Multiplayer: Bethesda Softworks


Summary: Redfall is a first-person shooter/action co-op game from Arkane Austin, the developers behind Prey and Deathloop. Vampires roam the land, and in the town of Redfall, Massachusets, they’ve managed to find a way to block out the sun and keep the inhabitants trapped from the outside world. Alone or together with other survivors, players will battle against the creatures of the night and rid the town of vampires once and for all. The game allows players to pick from one of four unique survivors, each with extraordinary battle and support abilities, from magic to guns, to face off against the undead and the corrupted living.

How Long To Beat: 20 hours

Legendary Edition Available: Bite Back Edition

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