How To Get Demon Rock In Wild Hearts

Demon Rock helps players improve and create weapons or armor in Wild Hearts, but it can be an incredibly tricky resource to get in the vast world.

Demon Rock, an important item used to build or improve armor and weapons in Wild Hearts, may be hard for players to get due to the item’s limited spawn location. While the straightforward crafting system in the game requires a myriad of other materials in addition to Demon Rock, players will find that this particular item contributes to specific upgrade paths after a certain point in the story. The eight primary weapons seen in Wild Hearts will all eventually need Demon Rock to challenge the tougher Kemono seen in later stages of the game.

Unlike other rare resources such as Mirrorstone or Lightstone in Wild Hearts, Demon Rock only appears in one location for players to explore at the conclusion of Chapter 3, Fuyufusagi Fort. Resources here are usually found in rock formations, in gaps of black rock that indicate its material through a specific color. Players that fast-travel to Cavern Camp in the southwest corner of this region can take a path north named Snowy Otsuki Path until they reach a fork in the road. Taking the left path, called Chilling Lane, reveals groups of rocks with orange crystals where Demon Rock may be harvested.

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Best Method To Farm Demon Rock in Wild Hearts

Demon Rock spawns fairly frequently on Chilling Lane, giving players about 2-3 sources of the material every time they pass through, but there are easier ways to gain this resource. The mechanic Karakuri has several chances to be upgraded when players gain orbs from tough Kemono bosses in Wild Hearts.

One of these upgrades unlocks a special type of Dragon Karakuri that builds a Tsukumo Ore Shrine which collects materials from a designated area.

Setting up this Shrine at the Cavern Camp close to Chilling Lane increases the chances for the Dragon Karakuri to have Demon Rock among the materials found every so often. The Tsukumo Ore Shrine can only have five collected resources at a time, so players should visit the Camp regularly to add potential Demon Rock to their inventory. An extremely easy method to farm tons of Demon Rock would be to first set up the Shrine, then travel to Chilling Lane to harvest a few sets of the item, and finally return to the base for more materials. In addition, the best weapon upgrades in Wild Hearts demand plenty of Demon Rock, encouraging players to get the resource whenever possible.

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Wild Hearts

Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Steam, Epic Games Store

Released: 2023-02-17

Developer: Omega Force

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre: Action RPG

Multiplayer: Online Co-Op

Engine: Katana Engine


Summary: Wild Hearts is a new action RPG similar to Capcom’s Monster Hunter from Omega Force, the team behind the “Warriors” subgenre of video games. Players will create their own protagonists as they enter the land of Azuma, a lush, multi-biome world filled with destructive monsters known as the Kemono. In this Japan-influenced world, players will fight alone or co-operatively in teams of up to three online against beasts inspired by Japanese mythology, utilizing unique armor, weapons, and mountable gear to take them down. 

Mode: Single-Player, Multiplayer

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