How to Look Fabulous in Glasses

How to Look Fabulous in Glasses

Most women think that they look unattractive when wearing spectacles. However if you choose the right model that suits your face, glasses can really flatter your wonderful features and spice up your whole look. A pair of stylish glasses, that are chosen with care will enhance your feminine beauty and will maker you look smarter.

When you are to buy a new pair of glasses, make sure that you shop for a model that will be appropriate for any occasion, be it formal and informal as well. Therefore our advice is to opt for chic and trendy lightweight spectacles instead of some heavy framed glasses that make you look too serious and older than you really are. If you want to obtain a trendy, classy look, select the proper color, frame size and frame style.

Individual preferences vary from person to person but glasses have to be chosen first of all choose according to the given face shape and personal characteristics. Those with a square face should opt for round spectacle frames, whereas women with round face shape look amazing with rectangular or square shaped spectacle frames. Those who have an oval shaped face are the luckiest while they can wear each and every frame they would like to.

When you are wearing glasses it is advisable to stay away from harsh makeup because spectacles already highlight your eyes and too much of makeup can look vulgar rather than beautiful on your face. A natural makeup is more welcoming for women with spectacles. However that doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from using eyeliner. You can define your eyes with a thin line of eyeliner, but avoid drawing a bold line, as your eyes may look smaller. If you want to add an extra feminine and soft air to your look, try a sensual lip gloss and a brush that gives you peachy, youthful cheeks and a wonderful frame to your face.

If your natural complexion is light and fair, darker frames will look really flattering for your features. If your skin complexion is darker, go for frames with lighter colors. If you are undecided about which colors suit you best, ask your friends to accompany you when you are shopping for spectacles.

When you are picking your spectacle select a pair of glasses as if you were simply choosing some trendy sunglasses. Think of your spectacles as a stylish accessory. Remember, that you will have to wear them every day, so even if they cost you a little bit more, choose a pair that you really like.

Always make sure that your glasses are cleaned, as nothing is more disappointing than dirty spectacles. Keep your glasses clean by using a special cleaning cloth that you can purchase in every optical store.

Your eyebrows are also very important when you are a glass wearer. Make sure that they are always well shaped and neat. One of the major things you should pay attention to, is over plucking them. If you don’t know how to give a nice curve to your eyebrows, pay a visit to the cosmetician in order to determine their basic shape. Beautiful eyebrows and well-chosen, stylish spectacles can make wonders to your face, transforming an ordinary look into a glamorous, diva-like appearance.

If you have found the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape, wear them with confidence and show off your beauty with these funky fashion accessories. A confident smile and a radiant face will always make you look gorgeous and will bring out your beautiful features.




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