How To Make Bangles – 3 Easy Ways

Bangles are synonymous with Indian as well as most south Asian women as it is part of the culture and ornamentation. Bangles are kind of bracelets which are rigid and not loosely hanging like bracelets made usually of metals like gold, silver, etc., glass, plastic, wood, threads etc. Bangles are worn everyday by women in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc. New bride at her wedding has set of customary bangles to be worn according to the tradition.

They have traditional value according to Hinduism and a married women has to wear bangles and can’t be bare armed which is considered inauspicious. Bangles are also worn by young girls, teenagers and also gold or silver bangles are preferred for toddlers.

So as we have to see how to make bangles we will have a look into making bangles which are not very common but very unique. These are DIY projects which can be done easily at home too. Showing one’s creative side is what gets reflected in these bangles making art.

How to Make Bangles at Home:

Amazing art of up cycling used bangles and making them into new ones entirely with materials easily found at home is one of the excellent ways to flaunt one’s creative side.

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Here we will have a look into the top three ways to make your own bangles.

1. Making Paper Bangles:

Paper bangles are so very in these days with everyone flaunting paper jewellery. Paper made jhumkas, bangles; bracelets are lovely and beautiful in awesome colours to actually match every outfit. These are extremely light weight but at the same time amazingly elegant when worn. Wearing anything handmade gives a different look and one feels good while wearing as we are the creators of the same. Transform a bangle within minutes with this process to up cycle and nail that paper bangle.

The Things We Require for This Are:

 Used bangles or metal bangle frames
 5mm quilling paper in different colours as per requirement
 Quilling pin
 Fevicryl 3D out liners
Beads, stones etc. for decoration

Now We will Check The Process of Making The Paper Bangle:

Take the 5mm quilling paper and quill it normally with the pin to make a round bead.
Finish the quilled bead by sticking the end with Fevicol or glue.
Make as many beads as required and allow them to dry for sometime.
Take the bangle frame and start sticking the quilled beads with the help of glue firmly.
Stick all the quilled beads on the bangle frame.
Allow the bangle to dry.
Using Fevicryl 3D out liners; make small dots on top of the quilled beads for a nice contrast effect and highlight.
Alternatively, one can use beads or stones also to complete the bangle beautifully.

2. Making Bangles From Fabric:

Making bangles from fabric is one way of up cycling bangles which might have been rarely used or not used frequently. We have lot of clothes lying unused at our homes. Why not put them into use and get creative. Doing this art, will give an entirely new look to the bangles.

The Things Required to Make These Fabric Bangles Are:

Simple bangles
Different printed cotton fabrics about 20-22 centimeters in size
Fabric scissors
Fabric glue
Iron and Ironing board

Now We will Have a Look into The Process:

First, we have to cut the fabric into a strip.
Next, we have to iron the fabric with the clean side and stitches downside to remove any creases and to smoothen the fabric.
Apply glue to one end of the fabric.
Take the old bangle and stick the glued end of the fabric to it.
Start rolling the fabric over the bangle keeping the glued end firmly sticking to keep the fabric in place.
Roll till the end and then stick the fabric again to the bangle till done.
Secure it with fabric glue and allow it to dry for some time.
The fabric bangles are done.

3. Making Designer Bangles:

Anything designer catches our eyes and we wish we had the same. The case in bangles is no different. Making these designer bangles are super easy and can give the bangle wardrobe an absolutely new makeover in a matter of some time.

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We will Have a Look into The Things Required to Make These Designer Bangles:

Used metal bangles
Embroidery threads in various colours
Glass beads
Designer lace or ribbons
Other decorative items if need be

Now We will Check The Method As to How to Make These Designer Bangles:

Secure four to five metal bangles by sticking tape on two sides securely. This will give the required thickness to the new bangle.
Cut the embroidery thread with scissors.
Put glue to the bottom of the bangle on the place where secured with tape.
Now put the thread on top of it.
Stick the embroidery thread and start rolling it along the bangle till a particular length.
Insert glass beads in contrasting colours and again roll the thread. Securely the glass bead is tied in centre of the bangle.
Again roll over the thread for the same length and insert a bead.
Continue this process till the whole bangle gets completed.
Cut off extra threads if any and finish the bangle.
Alternatively instead of thread, lace or ribbons can also be used in a similar fashion.

The most beautiful accessory in hands for a woman is bangles. One can experiment with different ways to stylish bangles and wear according to occasion. The three unique and interesting ways to make bangles mentioned here are worth trying. This simple creativity will give a whole new dimension to the used, old bangles. The same bangles can be reused and remade differently with slight variation and using new techniques. Let the creator in you be explored and let the imagination run high!

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