How to Spice up Old Clothing: DIY Clothing Projects

How to Spice up Old Clothing: DIY Clothing Projects

Summer is approaching. It’s time for everyone to pull out her summer clothing from the wardrobe. However, you may find your t-shirt look old and dated or your shorts are pale. You must want to throw them away and didn’t want to see them again, but you don’t have enough money to buy some new stuff for summer. We don’t suggest that you throw the old fashion stuff away. Actually, you can recycle the old clothing if you think that they are not worn out yet.

Do you know how to recycle those old clothing? For beginners, it’s hard for them to come up with some ideas. Today’s post will be a construction for girls who want to spice up her summer closet. You can change your old t-shirts into stylish tank tops. Also, you can make your over-size t-shirts as dresses or skirts. They all depend on your imagination. If you are willing to have new closet for the coming summer, you can get your hands busy now.

Check out the DIY projects. They won’t fail you at last. There are useful ways to recycle the one fashion clothing. What’s more, they employ some ideas for girls to make over the closets. Have fun with the post and make a successful DIY crafts.

DIY Dress


Crochet Trim Seam

Summer Dress

Shorts with Lace

DIY T-shirt

Refashioned T-shirt

Black Dress with Straps

Embellished Sleeves

Cutout T-shirt

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