How-To & Style: Denim Shirts

How-To & Style: Denim Shirts

The denim textile material has always been a problematic item to wear if we’re talking about something other than basic classic jeans because mostly the matchy-matchy fashion trend is out and double denim can be found quite challenging for some to wear, but that’s not really true. Wearing two types of denim can look fashionable and not at all sloppy only if you know how to wear this trend and you’ve got the right attitude to pull it off. If you don’t, don’t worry, there are many new fashion trends that you can choose from. Remember to always wear what you believe in, because wearing a trend that doesn’t appeal to your style will just make you look ridiculous.

Double Denim

As we said before, double denim is not a fashion crime but only if you know how to wear it. If not, than you better choose the other ways to wear your denim shirt. Dolce & Gabanna’s collection for the Spring/Summer 2020 season presented perfectly how is the best way to wear double denim. Choose a pair of baggy ripped off blue jeans and the same shade of shirt. Tuck it into your jeans, use a light or dark colored brown belt, but never choose black here, and some brown boots too. Don’t worry about being too matchy-matchy because you won’t. Also remember to unbutton your shirt and lift the sleeves up and underneath wear a simple basic T-shirt.


This time, it’s no more denim to match. Choose one good denim shirt and a light colored short skirt. This outfit it’s simple and effective. Because the shirt is definitely too baggy, the easiest way to look feminine is to tuck it into your skirt and add a belt to your outfit to emphasize your body areas. For shoes you better go with something casual and comfortable, a pair of flats or boho-chic sandals will look fabulous, but if you’re a small girl choose some wedges because the shirt may make you look shorter and with some platform wedges you’ll be able to stay comfortable all day long.

D&G Spring 2020/Style.comD&G Spring 2020/


Dresses are the one thing that make women special and rise them above men through their fashion sense, because it’s the most feminine thing that ladies can wear, that puts their body in value and still leaves room for mystery along with a romantic or sexy side attached to them. Plus, men could never look good in one-item outfit, ladies can through a dress. Yes, we all love dresses, and men do to, but can you pull it off with a masculine item like the denim shirt? Of course you can.

Take on a beautiful summer dress with many details, floral or chaotic abstract prints, because those will make your outfit pop out and stand through every crowd. Take the masculine denim shirt over, lift the sleeves up and add a thin belt around your waist. Now, the catch stays into the shoes, because they will make your outfit a hit or a total miss. We say to choose from grunge booties, long boots or over-knee socks with wedges or ankle-boots.




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