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Players can spend SP to unlock Inherited Skills for their characters in Fire Emblem Engage to bolster the units’ capabilities in combat.

Strengthening one’s units can be a challenge during the early game of Fire Emblem Engage; however, many newcomers might not be aware that Skill Inheritance is one of the most cost-efficient methods of increasing unit power. This activity occurs in the Ring Chamber, a location within the Somniel that becomes accessible after clearing Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. For reference, this is the same chapter during which players confront Rodine in the Florra Mill Town and unlock the ability to adopt animals for their farmstead. After returning to the Somniel upon the chapter’s conclusion, players can enter the Ring Chamber and interact with a mystical device called the Central Pedestal.


To unlock the Skill Inheritance feature in Fire Emblem Engage, players must “Examine” the Ring Chamber’s Central Pedestal in the Somniel and select “Inherit Skills.” Adventurers can then choose which unit with whom they would like to perform Skill Inheritance.

There are two primary prerequisites involved when Inheriting Skills for a character: Bond Level and SP. A Bond Level of 5 is the minimum requirement for every character. For those unfamiliar, Bond Levels can be increased in several ways.

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How To Get Inherited Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

According to sources at Game8, increasing the Bond Level to unlock Skill Inheritance in Fire Emblem Engage can be done by engaging in Bond Conversations with the character or having them participate in the Arena’s Emblem Training. Furthermore, polishing the unit’s Emblem Ring can also bolster their Bond Level, an activity that can be performed at the Ring Chamber’s Central Pedestal. Once the character has reached Bond Level 5, they can Inherit the Skills for which they have sufficient SP. SP, or Skill Points, is a currency players will earn throughout the main campaign as they use their units in combat. Chapter battles are the primary source of unit SP, but players can also accumulate Skill Points for their character via Standard Training.

Inherited Skills will vary in SP cost, depending on the Skill’s utility and tier in Fire Emblem Engage. Some might be cheaper than 300 SP, while others can require costs higher than 2,000. YouTuber TACHO recommends that players focus on getting Inherited Skills that cost 1,000 SP or lower during the early game, as the more costly Skills will become more readily available later. Once players have spent SP to get the Inherited Skill they want, they can equip it to their unit by navigating to Inventory and “Manage Skills” for the character.

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Source: YouTube/TACHO | Game8

Fire Emblem Engage

Summary: Intelligent System’s strategy RPG franchise returns with Fire Emblem Engage for the Nintendo Switch. Fire Emblem Engage takes place in a unique timeline that intersects several heroes cross the Fire Emblem universe. In this title, four kingdoms fought side by side to seal the Fell Dragon – but after a thousand years, the seal on the great dragon has weakened, threatening to upend the world once again. Players will take on the role of a male or female protagonist that they choose to defend the continent of Elyos. Players will also collect Emblem Rings to summon legendary heroes from other time periods such as Marth, Roy, and Celica to perform unique special attacks and merge themselves to enhance their own strength. Returning to a more classic style of Fire Emblem, Engage focuses more on 1v1 grid-based strategy combat similar to games like Fire Emblem Awakening. The game will release on January 20 2023.

Franchise: Fire Emblem

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Original Release Date: 2023-01-20

Developer: Intelligent Systems

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Strategy, RPG


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