How to Wear Leather: Style Tips

From leather leggings to pants and jackets, wearing this fussy material can be harder than you think. Learn how to wear leather the right way if you want to make sure you avoid any fashion faux pas and get the most flattering look.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and even Martha Stewart have embraced the leather trend and so can you, once you know how to make this look work best.

How to Wear Leather: Basics

The key to rocking a leather piece of clothing is contrasting it with other fabrics. Avoid wearing two articles of leather at the same time and go for leather that’s suited to your body type. That tip also applies to any type of faux leather.

Leathers pants and leather leggings won’t work if you have thicker legs but leather jackets are easier to wear. Avoid jackets with cropped cuts if you don’t want to draw attention to your stomach.

How to Wear Leather Leggings or Pants

If you’re willing to try leather pants or leggings, make sure they’re the right cut for you and can help create a flattering look. Black leggings or pants makes for a slimming look, but they can also bulge in less pleasing ways.

The right way to create your look is to avoid the extremes: hard leather and spandex with a leathery finish. When you’re considering how to wear leather, choose a slightly pliable and stretchy pair of pants or leather leggings.

Skin-tight leather pants or leggings work for celebrities with a model’s body, like Kristen Stewart or Taylor Swift, but if you try on tight leather leggings and don’t find them flattering at all, consider your choices. Increasingly popular, leather pants come in different versions, including slouchy and pleated styles for women with thicker legs.

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