How to Wear Mini Skirts

The miniskirt was introduced to women in the ’60s and it was considered to be indecent and shocking, but with time people began getting used to the idea of mini skirts so it became a part of fashion.

Mini skirts come in many designs and styles. They are made from different materials but the most common material used for mini skirts is denim. The length of the mini skirt vary from over the knee to super short or “micro mini”. The color pallet of the mini skirt varies widely from classic colors to provocative colors or prints.

Mini skirts can be accessorized with tights or pantyhose. You can wear subtle, printed or opaque tights which come in a variety of colors. You could even try over the knee socks.

If you choose not to wear stockings pay more attention to the way your legs look and make sure you wax your legs to get a smooth looking skin. Get a tan or use instant leg tanners to get them to look more slender and sexy. If you have thicker legs you can use a bit of highlighting powder on the front of your legs starting above the ankle and continuing up on the thigh skipping the knee. This will make the leg appear thinner.

You can wear mini skirts with almost any type of shoes. For an evening out you can go for stilettos or strappy sandals because they tend to add length to your legs making them appear slimmer. For a more casual look you can wear flip flops, gladiator sandals or different length boots. For the top part don’t exaggerate and make it too heavy with accessories.

For a casual look you can wear a vaporous or a V-neck blouse. They can be matched casually with tops or T-shirts as well, because they look great with minis.

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