How to Wear Sheer Tops

How to Wear Sheer Tops

Showing your lingerie and wearing ultra-see-through items used to be a fashion crime only a decade ago, but thanks to fashion icons and celebrities sheer top is currently quite hot, and when worn in a proper manner, can be chic and graceful. Look at these 10 stylish ways to wear a sheer top and step out of the box with new trendy piece.


Kim Kardashian

It takes some courage to wear a sheer top as it is, that is why, layering it with something else would be a good way to start your journey in the world of sheerness and transparency in a nice decent mode. Layering a sheer top with a cardigan, a blazer, or a denim jacket will add some structure to the ethereal clothing item and will make the whole look more sophisticated and profound. Kim Kardashian looks undeniably elegant in this black outfit with a long coat over a sheer top.

Button up.

Taylor Swift

A classical button-up will get a new meaning when made out of transparent fabrics. The whole dynamics and the connotation of a traditionally conservative clothing shifts to a completely new dimension and turns into a playful frisky piece. Go for a bow button up in a mild color, like Taylor Swift did, and you will be able to achieve a very feminine romantic look.


Miranda Kerr

Too shy to wear a sheer top? There is a perfect solution for you- choose something that is not transparent all over, and the thick fabrics covers your strategic points. In such a way your look will be complete and balanced without appearing vulgar and bold. Miranda Kerr’s blouse will not be too bold even for a dinner with your bf’s parents. Sheer sleeves prove that you are a romantic spirit, and solid bodice shows your seriousness and modesty.


Olivia Palermo

Choosing a printed sheer shirt is a win-win. It is both edgy and distinct and wearing it means you are making a serious statement about your excellent fashion taste and nonconformity. Bold printed tops are for brave girls who know what they want and how to get it. Olivia Palermo’s printed transparent top stands out and is worth considering when looking for a sheer top.


Jennifer Lopez

The rule with the sheer tops is that they are best worn loose. Tight clothing is revealing and provocative, which will make the whole outfit redundant when talking about sheerness. Sheer tops are sexy and revealing by default, but wearing them in a relaxed manner will neutralize the dangers of being misunderstood. Jennifer Lopez look is balanced and at the same time sexy thanks to the comfortable loose sheer shirt.

Play with textures.

Selena Gomez

This look is not for the modest ones. You have to be brave and beautifully eager to make a statement if you want to look at ease combining sheer and solid. Selena Gomez’s fabulous outfit is suitable for a party, and definitely not for the street. By matching two items in different texture, she emphasizes her sheer top, remaining elegant and chic at the same time.

Matching underwear.

Kate Moss

Now let’s talk what to wear under a sheer top. For black or brightly colored tops, it is safe to wear a nice black bra. Of course, remember to make sure that the bra is of good quality and looks pretty. Beautiful black bra matched with a sheer top is one of the most popular ways to wear this tricky item and it always looks good and stylish. Kate Moss is a perfect example of the look.

Contrasting underwear.

Jessica Alba

When your sheer top is white or skin color, it is better to emphasize the color by adding a contrasting bra under it. If the top is neutral color, just like in this Jessica Alba photo, a neutral color bra will create a nude illusion and nobody really wants that. Black bra is a good choice, but putting on something brighter and upbeat will make a more positive statement.

Over a crop top.

Wearing a sheer shirt over a crop top is a great way to show off your favorite items without looking too daring. Both of crop top and sheer top are not designed to be worn just by themselves, but combining them makes them a perfect match.

Over a dress.

Emma Stone

This look is absolutely amazing and gives an interesting twist to both a dress (it can be any dress, but strapless works the best) and a sheer shirt. Emma Stone’s look is clear, distinct and inspirational. And it is easy to replicate. All you need is your old dress and a sheer top. The result will be pleasantly surprising, and it will give new life to your old mundane objects.

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