How to Wear Spring Scarves

How to Wear Spring Scarves

Fashion offers the chance to recycle as well as re-use various chic accessories in a multitude of manners. Whether you choose to wear spring scarves in the traditional way or would like to add a tint of your colorful personality to it, make sure you choose the right fabric and color combination that would complement your outfit. Experiment with some of the versatile ideas to be able to choose the right option. Scarves managed to enter the parade of must have accessories during the hot season. Besides their chic effect these also have some health benefits when used in the multitude of forms. Draw some inspiration from the various opportunities on how to wear spring scarves with creativity.

Around the Neck: Scarves are used mainly to add a patch color and a special detail to our outfit. Their traditional use is undoubtedly when tied around the neck, this can be also done in endless methods. Bows are extremely popular designs this season, why not prepare a lose or tighter bow with the help of a mono-colored or printed scarf. Pull the bow to the side and you’ll be able to sport with with a stylish summer dress or a nice shirt. However if you would like to adopt a Boho look, just wear it loose and floating around the neck, all you have to do is fold the material diagonally. Choose the best tone that would complement your skin tone. Remember it is close to your face and when sporting an enchanting tone can immediately drag the attention to your face.

Bandana: Another popular use of spring scarves are bandannas. These silky fabrics and either square or triangle shaped accessories can be used as oh-so-fab bandannas. Those who would like to protect their hair color from the harmful rays of the sun or would like to adopt a Hippie and relaxed look can sport bandannas prepared from colorful or mono-chromatic scarves. Tie the knot under the strands or over it as in the ’50s and make sure you opt for a color that flatters your natural hair shade as well as whole outfit. Both the wider as well as narrower styles would perfectly blend into a breezy outfit. Fold the scarf to make a long horizontal line then tie it around your head. This will work especially if you prepare for a nice casual outing.

Headband: Staying at the hair and the head area, scarves can also be used as headbands. This style would perfectly complement a high ponytail or a nice messy bun. Secure your strands in a romantic hairstyle then fold the scarf repeatedly in a diagonal direction then wrap it around the head. Place it either higher or closer to your forehead, depending on the hair section your want to expose. Those who have a long and oblong face shape can choose the forehead version since this will steal some inches from the length of their features and would add some roundness to their face. You can also pair this headband with loose locks in a down-do.

On the Wrist: The multitude of colors and prints of these spring scarves will offer you the possibility to sport them on your wrist. From the flower patterns to skulls as well as polka dots all will complete a simple outfit and would add a special twist to it. Fold the fabric then wrap it around your wrist, in order to have the best result choose a narrow and more simple scarf that would not look to bulky on your wrist. Make sure it won’t slip off your hands, therefore wrap it as many times as it’s necessary. Tie the knot carefully to guarantee the long-lasting effect of the look. Opt for one or both wrists depending the style of your outfit.

Bag Accessory: You can also cheer up your purses and handbags with a similar detail. Wrap or tie a spring scarf around the handle of your bag and make sure it complements or for a more smashing and eye-popping result contrasts the shade of the basic accessory. This special combination will righteously grant you with public praise due to the effect of both of these details. More you can create real tying patterns or leave it simply loose falling on the side of cover of the bag. Make a statement with a similar pairing to perk up a plain appearance.




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