If Depop & TikTok Had A Baby, The FINDS App Would Be It

In 2020, mid-lockdown, I made a promise to myself: I was no longer going to buy fast fashion, which is tricky when your job has since become all about shopping (I’m Refinery29 UK’s shopping writer). And so now, when I catch wind of anything that can help me, I jump — especially when it comes highly rated by one of my favourite style influencers aka Lara Adkins. Let me introduce you to FINDS, my new favourite secondhand and vintage resale app. Combining the ease and accessibility of online resale with video, it’s like if Depop or Vinted had a baby with TikTok. Not only does it sate my desire to prioritise secondhand shopping, it’s also helped me discover sustainable indie brands and crafters, and become a go-to destination for styling inspiration.

Curious to know more? Read on to learn how FINDS works, my honest thoughts and criticisms (no one’s perfect!) and tricks for securing everything from ’70s style to Y2K picks.


What is FINDS? How is it different from Depop and Vinted?

Founded in 2021 by Jemma Stacey and Carl Mustad, FINDS is a video-powered app for buying and selling secondhand and vintage fashion. It really is the most natural fit for a generation already hooked on other resale apps like Depop and Vinted and video social media like TikTok and YouTube (especially if, like me, your TikTok bookmarks are packed with style inspiration videos).

“We’ve built this platform with our Gen Z audience in mind; how they shop, consume content and get inspired is through video content,” CEO Jemma Stacey tells Refinery29. “We believe that buying and selling secondhand should be as fun, interactive and transparent as secondhand shopping in real life — but we also want to make it easier and more accessible by helping people discover more of their favourite fashion finds at their fingertips.”

Much like TikTok, you can search FINDS for styling inspiration, connect with creators and sellers via the livestream shopping feature and buy what they are wearing straightaway.

How do I download FINDS?

You download FINDS just as you would any app — via the app store, here (it’s free to download).

How does FINDS work?

Download the FINDS app and you’ll see that the interface is similar to TikTok with full-page video listings from different sellers that you can scroll through, each with their own audio; click on these and you’re taken to the full post, with more information and the opportunity to message the seller. Like TikTok, you can switch the homepage between the ‘Explore’ tab (like TikTok’s For You page), ‘Following’ and ‘Livestream’. If you’re looking for something particular, there’s a search function that allows you to sort the results from newest to oldest and highest to lowest (and vice versa). You can also apply filters such as size, brand, condition, tags, colour and price. These tags are great — sellers can tag their items to make the discoverability really accurate. You can follow different creators’ handles so that your Following feed will fill with their listings, allowing you to browse easily. You can also like or bookmark your favourite items for easy access later. Really love a specific seller? Check out their profile page, where you’ll find a short promo video so you can get to know them better.

Non-sellers also have a profile page, which you can use to message and connect with other users. To populate your profile, once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be asked to fill out some information about yourself and your interests, namely what styles, types and eras of clothing you’re looking for. Honestly, I’m not sure how much my answers to these questions were reflected by my Explore page at first — but like the TikTok algorithm, the more I use the app, the more it seems to get to know my tastes. Also, though I had clicked the ’20s, ’30s, ’60s and ’70s style options, FINDS is a Gen Z-first app (much like Depop) and so heavily Y2K. That said, I have had some luck scoring some stunning ’70s pieces. You just need to do a little digging.

Annoyingly, you can’t add multiple pieces to your cart, even from the same seller. However, I’ve found that after messaging the seller, many are open to offering bundles (so you only have to pay one delivery charge) and extra discounts (postage is determined by each individual seller).

How good is FINDS for size diversity and how easy is it to search by size?

At first I was a little let down by the sizes I was seeing on my Explore page. But again, the more I used the app, the more I think it began to learn and adjust to my likes. Most items appear to be labelled S/M/L/XL rather than by numeric size, so you need to reach out to the seller for more specific measurements.

For whatever reason, you can’t filter for sizes on the Explore page; only through the search page. I’ve made my peace with this — many of the more professional accounts sell pieces in a range of sizes and it is through my Explore page that I’ve discovered the coolest pieces from the most interesting creators. As a UK 14/16, I’ve been mostly okay finding pieces in a size L but I do wonder whether plus-size users would struggle. It’s hard to judge since my algorithm has aligned itself with my sizing and preferences.

What is FINDS best for?

I would say that FINDS is best for Y2K fashion (i.e. pieces from the ’90s and 2000s). This isn’t surprising — many of the app’s bigger accounts have joined from TikTok — and as FINDS grows in popularity, I think it will expand to include sellers of different ages, one-time sellers just trying to clear out their wardrobes, and more specialist vintage brands. I’ve also spotted a few crafters and makers selling DIY wares like jewellery; if this continues, FINDS could become a destination for small businesses, too, perhaps rivalling Etsy.

My final thoughts

In all, the best thing about FINDS is the video aspect. You can see exactly how an item fits, how the material hangs and any noticeable flaws or wear and tear. This is particularly useful when you find a seller with a similar body shape and type to yours. I’m also getting so much styling inspiration from the creators I follow, noting how they put items together, their colour clashing and accessorising.

I hope that size diversity — as well as a range of styles and clothing periods — grows organically as more and more sellers join FINDS and it becomes more popular. I also hope that the app develops to allow you to add multiple items to your cart because I’m finding plenty on there that I want to snap up!


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