J.Crew ‘Hello, World!’ Campaign

How does the world wear J.Crew? If you want to find out, check out the latest J.Crew ‘Hello, World!’ campaign lensed by photographers Garance Doré and Scott Schuman who, in their eight-city tour, managed to capture ten tastemakers across the globe including bloggers, fashion designers, magazine editors and boutique owners. The campaign includes videos, interviews and pictures for us to draw a little sartorial inspiration.

Garance herself shares with us something about her personal style. “It’s not about having expensive clothes, being on trend or having a perfect body. People who inspire me are people who really make me feel like I know a little more about their personality — their strengths and their weaknesses — when I look at them. It’s what gives them charm,” she says. On styling her look, Garance explains that, “I always try to mix shiny clothes with rougher items. I don’t like to feel overdressed or too pretty-pretty, so I wanted to pair the skirt with something supercasual like a military jacket, a jean jacket or flats. Scott told me to keep the heels, so…”

Elisabetta Venturelli, a fashion designer from Milan, Italy, says that when it comes to her style, “I love mixing different styles to create improbable yet sophisticated combinations.” Her idea of the perfect finishing touch? “Jewelry, glasses and a hat.”

Another tastamaker is Lincoln Pilcher, photographer and surfer from Sydney, Australia. “My personal style is pretty simple. I like clean lines and comfort.” Where he was captured for this campaing? “We shot in Montauk, New York, with an early morning coffee and a fun chilly wave at Ditch Plains, a surf spot out there. But my city, Sydney, truly has the best coffee and waves,” he says. His style icon? “Paul Newman.”

The campaign also features Caroline Issa, who works at Tank magazine, in London. “I like clothes that make a statement, whether that’s in a color, a texture or a cut. I’m not afraid of putting prints or colors together that might not necessarily go together naturally,” Caroline says about her style. Her idea of the perfect finishing touch? “A red lip.”

Classical violinist Charlie Siem also stars in J.Crews ‘Hello, World! campaign. Speaking about how he became a violinist, Siem says that, “When I was 3, I heard the violin on the radio, Beethoven’s Violin Concerto — still my favorite piece — and I was enthralled. I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with the Royal Philharmonic and Moscow Symphony orchestras and even The Who.” As on his style, Charlie admits that, “I gravitate toward unostentatious, smart clothes.”

Berta Bernad, a talented photographer and blogger from Madrid, Spain, says that her style “depends on the day and my mood. I might get up and want to dress up, or just grab the first thing in my closet that catches my eye.” On her blog, “I studied journalism, so I love to observe everything! From the moment I wake up, all I can think about is my blog. It’s not only about fashion, it’s about art, friends and my lifestyle. I hope it helps others find their style.”

Takahiro Kinoshita, Editor-in-Chief at Popeye magazine, Tokyo, reveals that, “I like traditional style that’s authentic.” His essential article of clothing? “An oxford shirt.”

Sven Schuman, founder of The Talks magazine from Berlin, Germany, describes his style as “pretty laid-back—old jeans, T-shirts, cashmere sweaters. I just always make sure to be comfortable but of course, I like really nice things as well.” On his magazine, The Talks, he says that, “It’s an online interview magazine I founded with Johannes Bonke. We speak to people who have influenced our culture in one way or another: artists, actors, directors, designers, photographers, musicians. You can find interviews with people like Mick Jagger, Bruce Weber, Mila Kunis, Michael Caine and Julian Schnabel, among many others. It’s cool.”

Hilary Tsui, mother, blogger and owner of Liger boutique in Hong Kong, is also featured in J.Crew’s campaign. “I mix colors, patterns and labels to create a look that’s edgy and cool,” she says.

TK, founder of Milk magazine from Hong Kong, reveals that, “I’m inspired by ’50s and ’60s style. My idea of the perfect finishing touch is a hat.” On Milk, “It’s a magazine about what’s new and cool in the worlds of fashion, art and design.” Why does he shop J.Crew for? “It’s my go-to for shirts. I am partial to blues. The classic chambray button-down is a wardrobe staple. You can wear it dressed up or down,” TK says.

Photos courtesy of J.CREW

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