J.Crew x Melissa Shoes

These J.Crew x Melissa shoes might look fairly ordinary, yet first impressions can definitely be deceiving. Being exposed to so many trends and shoe styles, we almost through we’ve seen it all, yet the creative world of fashion never ceases to amaze us. Brazil-based footwear label Melissa has been on the spotlight lately, so the new line might not seem very different from the Melissa x Forever 21 line. Indeed, the styles are only remotely different, but here comes the fun twist: the new J.Crew x Melissa shoes are actually scented.

Well, scented shoes are definitely a twist from what we might expect and quite a creative one, we might add. Though we know that jelly shoes are typically one of those things you either love or hate, such twists definitely makes one reevaluate the style. The idea is in the beginning stages, considering the fact that only one scent is available. To match the mood of the season, the label has chosen a “tutti fruitti” scent. Intriguing? Definitely. For the moment only two colors are available: a fab trendy coral tone and a versatile navy shade.

If you’re pondering on whether you should include the new J.Crew x Melissa shoes in your wardrobe, you’re probably wondering whether the new styles are worth investing in. Well, aside from the scent aspect, which is something something which is solely dependent on personal preferences, its practical features are definitely interesting. These actually have a flexible insole which helps keep the feet cool and dry and a hidden thong which helps keep the shoes in place.

Furthermore, when the Melissa x J.Crew shoes are both waterproof and comfortable, being also fairly durable. If you’re trying to make more eco-friendly choices, plastic shoes might not seem like the go-to choice , yet these shoes are 100% recyclable. Plus, the Brazilian label strives to be as ecologically and socially responsible as possible. The new shoes are a bit pricier than the ones from the Forever 21 jelly shoes line.

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Photos: J.Crew

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